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Moran Canvas Products has provided fine canvas craftsmanship since 1988. We specialize in residential and commercial awnings.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Awning Materials

Quality awnings can keep your home or business cooler and protected from the sun, as well as add beauty, structure, and uniqueness to your home’s façade or your storefront. When selecting your new awning materials, you’ll need to consider the choice of canvas, color and pattern, and the style of the framework.


Your canvas material should be able to withstand many seasons of abuse from the sun, wind, rain, and cold. A high-quality awning material is completely waterproof, flexible, and stable enough to function as a shade for years to come. It’s vital to purchase your awning from a shade company that offers only the best in canvas material so you can gain the most from your commercial or residential awning installation. Selecting the best in canvas material ensures that your awnings will resist damage, weathering, and fading to provide your home or business with beautiful shading well into the future.

Color and Pattern

Besides shading and cooling, awnings can also give your home or business an exterior appearance that sets it apart from its neighbors. Be sure to choose canvas colors and patterns that match or complement your home’s style or your business’ logo to enhance the building’s personality and appeal. Custom canvas awnings can be designed to include your logo or business name, so be sure to select a color that will make them stand out from the surroundings and can be seen from a distance.


Awnings are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes, and some are even motorized to provide you with superior convenience and versatility. Retractable awnings require a minimal amount of framework and can be drawn with the push of a bottom, allowing the sunshine in only when you choose.

The team at Moran Canvas Products strives to provide shade structure and installation services that are second to none. Since 1988, we’ve provided high-quality commercial and residential canvas products and awnings serving San Diego, CA. Contact us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about our awning installation services.

Key Tips for Purchasing an Awning

Do you struggle with keeping your home cool during the summer? For older homes without central air conditioning, choosing awning installation to shade your home’s windows can help keep the interior cool throughout the warmer months. Watch this video for tips on purchasing an awning.

Professional shade companies offer a broad variety of awning sizes and colors for you to choose from, so you can select a style that complements your home. Opt for retractable residential awnings if you need to easily raise and lower your new shades. For expert awning installation in San Diego, CA, contact Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778.

Design Inspiration for Your Outdoor Curtains

Choosing outdoor curtains can complete the overall design of your outdoor living space. Drawn, they can lend softness or personality to your décor, and closed, they can add privacy or create a sun shade to shield your patio from the elements. Through color, texture, length, and style, outdoor curtains have a lot to add to your outdoor space.

Backyard Oasis

Outdoor curtains can lend a sense of tropical breeziness to your deck or patio. To make your outdoor area even more inviting, consider light and airy curtains in a sheer material to make the space more charming and to shade you and your guests from the harsh sun.

Bold Color

Comfortable chairs and cushions make your outdoor space pleasant and enjoyable, but the addition of bold-colored curtains adds not only function but also significant visual appeal as well. Choose bright curtains to complete your outdoor styling, and go for dramatic, vertical stripes to create character while adding richness and height to your porch.

Outdoor Getaway

Your patio or deck area offers a space to enjoy the weather after the stress of the day. For a true getaway experience in your backyard, combine exotic cushions and décor with colorful and striking outdoor curtains to feel as if you’re in a far off place. Curtains can shield you and your family not only from the wind and sun but also from unwanted pests like flies and mosquitoes.

Cozy Exterior

If your backyard features a ramada or covered deck, choosing to incorporate outdoor curtains can make your space look cozier but feel warmer, too. When the weather cools, keep your curtains pulled back to enjoy the sun, and draw them in the evening to shelter you and your family from the wind and cold.

Moran Canvas Products provides expert and experienced installation for awnings, sun shades, patio covers, and outdoor curtains in San Diego, CA. To learn more about our high-quality and professional home improvement services, call us today at (619) 462-7778.

Awning Installation 101

Awnings are one of those building installations that people tend to not notice, until they’re no longer there. These unassuming covers—typically found over a door or window—do more than just block light from entering an area. They protect families, homes, and businesses from harmful UV rays and damage.

When you have residential or commercial awning installation, you’re making an investment for the future. Awnings will block the annoying sun, but also keep UV rays at bay and prevent fading due to prolonged exposure. Protecting your building or home from façade damage, as well as protecting your health, will keep your future repair and medical costs low.

No matter what kind of awning you purchase, fixed or motorized, always have a professional installation. A professional will know the correct heights to affix your awnings at, as well have the proper tools to be sure the awning is completely secure and working at maximum capacity.

No matter what kind of shade you’re looking for, solar shades or patio awnings, you’ll find it at Moran Canvas Products. We have commercial awning installation in San Diego, CA, as well as residential installation. Call (619) 462-7778 to schedule a consultation.

Reasons to Install Shade Sails Before the Summer Season

Removable sun shades are important to have any time of the year. You can easily install and remove the cover as you need it, but at least you’ll have it available whenever you want. Here are a few reasons to consider installing sun shade sails sooner rather than later.

Protect Your Family

Especially if you live in a sunny climate, you and your family can always benefit from sun shades. UV rays from the sun can be dangerous and very harmful to your health after prolonged exposure. No matter the time of year—even in winter when daylight is shorter—you can still suffer from sun damage in the form of sunburns and skin cancers. If you install shades as soon as possible, you can keep your family and pets protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Keep Your Patio and Pool Protected

The great thing about sun shade sails is their easy installation while also covering a lot of space. Wherever you need your shade sail—over the pool, the patio, a playground, or court—you have many options. You can use one sail or multiple sails depending on the amount of space you need covered. Whichever areas you choose to cover, they’ll be protected from sun damage, such as fading and drying out.

Remove Them Whenever You Want

If you’re going to install an incredible sun shade, then you should have the opportunity to remove it as you need. Sun shade sails are easily removed during the winter or whenever you want to let in the sunlight or moonlight. When you’re ready to put them back up, you can reinstall them easily.

When you’re looking for custom projects in San Diego, CA, look no further than Moran Canvas Products. We’ll help you with your home improvement projects such as installing solar shades. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about all of our products and services.

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