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What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades San DiegoYou may be familiar with awnings, patio covers, and outdoor curtains in San Diego, but what about Roman shades? While many Roman shades are for window coverings, unique horizontal Roman shades exist. But why should you get them? Many other popular options exist, and there are several reasons you should give them a look. If you have not found the perfect patio covering yet, you may be in luck.

They are versatile.

Unlike traditional plastic, metal, or wooden shades, Roman shades are often made of fabric, and are easily customizable. It would probably be more difficult to find a Roman shade that does not work for your living space than to find one that doesn’t. Whether on a window or not, the look of soft, draping fabric where people are used to seeing hard wood or stiff awnings can be that perfect complement to your outdoor patio design.

They are convenient.

Roman shades can be adjusted to cover as much of the patio as you would like covered to allow for differing light conditions. Alternatively, they can be made from a thin fabric that allows some light through even when the shades are fully extended. Compare the elegant look of an adjusted Roman shade to that of a half-retracted awning. A fixed patio cover may also look nice, but it will not allow you to easily alter the amount of sunlight you enjoy on your patio.

They are long lasting.

Not only do Roman shades look right in just about any environment, they also look great in any decade. Some patio shade options will go out of style and make your home look dated, but Roman shades have been around for quite some time and have never fallen out of vogue. If you choose a fabric that is durable and not too trendy, your Roman shades could outlast most of your home’s décor.

As you can see, Roman shades offer a flexibility in form and function that few other patio products can offer. If you are in the market to improve or finish your patio, Roman shades may be just the thing you are looking for. To find out more about Roman shades, installation, and other home improvements , call Moran Canvas at (619) 462-7778.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from Excessive Sun Exposure

Sun protection San DiegoAs the weather warms up, people across the country will be spending more time on patios, in pools, behind grills, and hopefully under awnings in San Diego. Warm weather and sunshine are great in moderation, but it’s very easy to get too much sun exposure. This summer, as you enjoy outdoor activities, it is important that you remember to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Here are a few tips for keeping cool and avoiding sunburns:

Seek Shade

Often, the easiest way to avoid sun exposure is to stay out of the sun. Sitting in the shade will be more effective than just about any other measures, but it can be hard to find a shady spot that allows you to enjoy your patio or other fun outdoor areas. Installing patio covers or other solar shade options is a simple, effective way to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Use Sunscreen

You may think that you hear this a bit too much, but the reality is that sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself against the damaging sun. Wearing high-SPF sunscreen and reapplying it every three hours is one of the ways to protect yourself against the sun. Even if you do not burn easily, you are still at risk. Keep applying that sunscreen!

Wear Protective Clothing

While long-sleeve shirts and the hot sun do not always mix well, there are several articles you can wear that can protect you against the sun and keep you comfortable. You can wear is a wide-brimmed hat, which can protect your head and a surprising amount of the rest of your body from the dangers of the sun. If you can find comfortable and breathable options, sun-blocking shirts and pants would also serve you well.

When you’re on your patio this summer, make sure that you are protected from the sun. To learn more about how to protect yourself from the dangers of sun exposure , ask the shade experts at Moran Canvas by calling us at (619) 462-7778.

A Look at Canvas Carports

Carport awning near San DiegoThe weather in the San Diego area is so mild that you don’t even need a garage to store your car. Apart from the occasional water spotting during a rare rainstorm, there are very few natural occurrences that can severely damage your car.

However, you should still park your car in the shade whenever possible. This will prevent direct sunlight from fading the upholstery or causing the dashboard to crack. For homes without garages, canvas carports are a great option. They look great, and like awnings they are much less expensive to install than other types of carports. You can also get them in custom colors and designs to complement the look of your home.

If you are interested in installing a canvas carport, call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665. With over 20 years of experience providing high quality products in San Diego, we are the area’s awning and canvas carport experts.

Creating Shade on Your Patio

San Diego residents love spending time outdoors, which is easy to do here year-round because the climate is always so pleasant. In fact, the sun shines so much here that you really need to have good shade in order to truly enjoy your patio or deck since too much direct sunlight can become uncomfortable. Installing an awning or a set of attractive outdoor curtains is a great way to create versatile shade on your patio. For more ideas on how to create shade on your patio, watch this video.

Moran Canvas Products of San Diego can help you transform your outdoor space with the perfect custom awning or other canvas product that will provide shade all year round. To schedule a consultation with us , call (888) 904-8665 today or contact us online.

The Steps of Designing Outdoor Shade Sails

Installing sun shade sails in San Diego, California help you make the most of your outdoor space. If you want to add outdoor shade sails to your exterior design, keep reading to find out what you have to do to design them:

Decide on a Shape

Shade sails provide an interesting visual effect that can do a lot to enhance your outdoor area. When you have made the decision to add them to your property, you can start the design process by figuring out which shape you want. Think about the size of your yard and work with the canvas company to find the ideal shape for your needs.

Pick a Material

You can choose between a variety of materials that give you different aesthetic and functional benefits. Look through the different materials and learn about their benefits so you can make an informed decision about which kind of material to use for your own shade sails.

Plan out the Design Area

Work with the design team to determine the best location for your shade sails. You will need to have detailed measurements of your outdoor area. You should also tell the company what you want to use the shade sails for. If you want to place them over an outdoor play area for your children, they do not have to be as big. If you want to create an outdoor space for entertaining, though, you might want to opt for bigger shade sails that give you the protection that you need to spend more time outside.

Whether you want outdoor shade sails or a new awning, Moran Canvas Products is here to help you find the perfect products for all of your needs. Since 1988, we have perfected the art of fine canvas craftsmanship and offer you some of the highest quality products available. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.

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