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Awning Installation 101

Awnings are one of those building installations that people tend to not notice, until they’re no longer there. These unassuming covers—typically found over a door or window—do more than just block light from entering an area. They protect families, homes, and businesses from harmful UV rays and damage.

When you have residential or commercial awning installation, you’re making an investment for the future. Awnings will block the annoying sun, but also keep UV rays at bay and prevent fading due to prolonged exposure. Protecting your building or home from façade damage, as well as protecting your health, will keep your future repair and medical costs low.

No matter what kind of awning you purchase, fixed or motorized, always have a professional installation. A professional will know the correct heights to affix your awnings at, as well have the proper tools to be sure the awning is completely secure and working at maximum capacity.

No matter what kind of shade you’re looking for, solar shades or patio awnings, you’ll find it at Moran Canvas Products. We have commercial awning installation in San Diego, CA, as well as residential installation. Call (619) 462-7778 to schedule a consultation.

Reasons to Install Shade Sails Before the Summer Season

Removable sun shades are important to have any time of the year. You can easily install and remove the cover as you need it, but at least you’ll have it available whenever you want. Here are a few reasons to consider installing sun shade sails sooner rather than later.

Protect Your Family

Especially if you live in a sunny climate, you and your family can always benefit from sun shades. UV rays from the sun can be dangerous and very harmful to your health after prolonged exposure. No matter the time of year—even in winter when daylight is shorter—you can still suffer from sun damage in the form of sunburns and skin cancers. If you install shades as soon as possible, you can keep your family and pets protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Keep Your Patio and Pool Protected

The great thing about sun shade sails is their easy installation while also covering a lot of space. Wherever you need your shade sail—over the pool, the patio, a playground, or court—you have many options. You can use one sail or multiple sails depending on the amount of space you need covered. Whichever areas you choose to cover, they’ll be protected from sun damage, such as fading and drying out.

Remove Them Whenever You Want

If you’re going to install an incredible sun shade, then you should have the opportunity to remove it as you need. Sun shade sails are easily removed during the winter or whenever you want to let in the sunlight or moonlight. When you’re ready to put them back up, you can reinstall them easily.

When you’re looking for custom projects in San Diego, CA, look no further than Moran Canvas Products. We’ll help you with your home improvement projects such as installing solar shades. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about all of our products and services.

Putting Up Your Shade Sail

As you’ll see in the video, installing sun shades typically only requires a handful of steps. These steps, however, are best left to the professionals with the right tools and knowledge to give your patio excellent coverage.

Installing sun shade sails requires at least three or more hooks drilled into the building and posts surrounding the shaded area. Once your hooks are properly equipped, the wooden or steel posts need to be installed. Your installer will dig a large hole and pour concrete to stabilize the post. Then, your sun shade will be installed and tightened until it covers the patio efficiently.

Moran Canvas Products is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience in residential patio covers. When you’re looking for quality sun shade installation in San Diego, CA, call us at (619) 462-7778.

What Are the Benefits of Roman Shades?

Any kind of shade is beneficial, no matter where you’re located. If you live in a particularly sunny area, though, your family and your backyard will benefit greatly from a professional sun shade installation. When you’re in the market for outdoor home improvement, take a look at Roman shades as a possibility to cover your patio.

Block UV Radiation

The great thing about having a patio cover is the UV protection it provides. You, your family, and any guests you entertain can rest assured under a beautiful Roman shade. You’ll receive the benefits of a gorgeous sunny day, without the harmful effects that UV rays can cause.

Easily Change Direction

One of the more frustrating aspects of certain shade styles or umbrellas is the difficulty in changing its direction to block or let in the sun. With Roman shades, you’ll never have that problem. Due to their horizontal “wave” design, Roman shades are easily retracted or extended to take full benefit of the sun or block the patio from it. You can also move the shades only a fraction if you prefer. Roman shades are a versatile shade for the owner who wants to be in control.

Easily Installed and Maintained

Most shades are made to withstand the light of the sun, as well as possible rain damage. Roman shades don’t require much maintenance at all, and they’re easily installed. Due to their wave-like design and retractable construction, most of the fabric is loose or in pleats. There is very little structure required to install these exceptional shades.

Interesting Conversation Starter

When you’re having a barbecue, why not make a great conversation piece out of your beautiful Roman shades? With their unique design and colors, you’re sure to turn many of your friends on to this great patio cover.

At Moran Canvas Products, we believe in style and protection for you and your patio. We have many products from outdoor curtains to Roman shades in San Diego, CA. Stop by our showroom or call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn about your shading options.

Why Should You Consider Shade Sails?

When it comes to shade solutions for your property, whether it is a commercial business or residential backyard, there are many options. From awnings to cabanas and endless custom projects in between, the choices are endless. However, if you are looking for a solution that offers shade, is easy to install, and can add a certain flair to your décor, then sun shade sails may be right for you.

Sun shade sails are a great solution for adding shade to any space, no matter how big or small. They are easy to install and easy to take down when needed. Sun shade sails are made of a durable material that will not fade or appear worn over time. Coming in an assortment of colors, from neutrals to bright, you will be sure to find an option to match your style.

To learn more about why sun shade sails in San Diego, CA are right for you, talk to the professionals at Moran Canvas Products. Call us today (619) 462-7778 and ask us about our sun shade options!

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