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Outdoor Weddings: Using Sail Shades for Your Event Space

sail shades

If you are gearing up for a wedding this summer, you may want to consider renting sun shade sails for your big day. By renting sun shades for your outdoor wedding, you will be able to provide your guests with comfort and shade, while also adding style and beauty to your overall wedding design. A company that specializes in sun shades can help you choose the perfect products for your outdoor wedding. Read on for a look at how to use sail shades for your event space.

Create an artistic design.

When you are using sail shades for your outdoor wedding, it is a great idea to use your covers to create an artistic design. For example, sail shades come in a variety of geometric shapes that will add a sense of style and appeal to your outdoor wedding. A wedding planner can help you place your sail shades in an artistic manner.

Choose colors and patterns.

Along with creating an artistic design for your sail shades, you should also choose sails that have been constructed in colors or patterns that match the overall look of your wedding. For example, if your wedding is primarily white in theme, you may want to choose sail shades in gorgeous shades of white or cream.

Plan for shade and cover.

To get the best benefits from your sail shade installation, you will also want to make sure that you plan carefully to provide your guests with shade during the middle of the day. As you are planning out your shade sail placement, you will want to think carefully about where the sun will be shining during your ceremony.

To get started on a sun shade rental for your outdoor wedding, be sure to get in touch with Moran Canvas Products. Our canvas company offers outdoor curtains, patio awnings, and a variety of sun shades for your San Diego wedding. Call our San Diego location at (619) 462-7778 to hear more about our quality shade products.

Patio Design Advice

The summer season is the perfect time to create a functional and beautiful outdoor space for your property. As you are creating a new patio, you will want to choose decorations that are both functional and fashionable. For example, when you are shopping for patio covers, you will want to select materials that match with the interior colors of your home. To take a look at essential patio design tips, watch this video.

At Moran Canvas Products, we can help you choose the perfect residential patio covers for your San Diego, CA space. From cabanas to residential awnings, we are proud to offer a wide range of shade products that will be perfect in your patio. To set up a consultation for your patio cover installation, give us a call at (619) 462-7778.

How to Incorporate Awnings into Your Pool Design

The summer season has arrived, and now is a fantastic time to plan a pool renovation project. Whether you are creating a brand new pool, or are updating an existing space, you may want to incorporate awnings into your design. A company offering residential awnings can help you choose the right awnings and sun shades for your pool space. Here is a look at some tips for incorporating awnings into your pool design:

Create shaded areas.

When you are incorporating awnings into your pool design, it is a terrific idea to create shaded areas throughout your pool. On a hot summer’s day, you will want to be able to provide your family and friends with shady areas to relax. A properly positioned awning can add valuable shade to your pool area.

Consider your patio.

As you are planning an awning installation for your pool, you should also be sure to consider shading your patio space. A patio will be more useful throughout the day if it contains plenty of shade. Your awnings can be strategically placed to provide shade on your patio throughout the daytime hours.

Evaluate different materials.

To get the best benefits from your new awnings, you will want to choose awning materials that are highly weather resistant. For example, durable canvas awnings will remain in fabulous condition throughout the seasons and years. By placing canvas awnings around your pool area, you can rest assured that you will have beautiful shade for years to come.

If you are gearing up for an awning installation around your pool, be sure to get in touch with Moran Canvas Products. Our residential awnings in San Diego, CA will be the perfect complement to your pool design, and we can help you with every step of your fixed awning installation. For more information about the different types of awnings that we currently have in stock, give us a call at (619) 462-7778.

Tips for Caring for Your Canvas Shade Sails

Sun shade sails are a perfect addition to any park, backyard, or outdoor gathering spot. These versatile sun shades need to be properly cared for, though. Thankfully, these versatile patio covers are pretty easy to care for, especially with the help of your shade installer and these easy tips.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Shade sails are made with ultraviolet protection in mind, and many chemicals will actually damage this feature. Do not use bleach, pesticides, or other harsh cleaning chemicals when cleaning your shade sails. Stick to a mild cleaning detergent, or consult your shade installer for further recommendations.

Avoid High Pressure Cleaning

Just because shade sails can withstand sun and rain does not mean they should be subjected to high pressure water. If you notice dirt or debris on your shade sail, uninstall it and shake the debris off. Do not try to clean it with a high pressure hose because you risk damaging it and voiding your warranty.

Install Correctly

In addition to cleaning your shade sail, you also need to be aware of its installation. It should be pulled tightly to shade the most efficient amount of space available. A professional shade installer should install your shade sail, and he should come out periodically to check its tightness. If the sail is allowed to flop or droop in the wind, it can become damaged.

Store Correctly

If you choose to uninstall your shade sail for the winter, then it must be stored correctly. Keep it folded and stored in a clean and dry place. Make sure there is no danger from pests or rodents. If possible, store it in a protective bag.

At Moran Canvas Products, we will help you care and keep your patio covers in tiptop shape. Whether you have Roman shades, outdoor curtains, or patio awnings, we want your covers to always look amazing. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to get started on your patio cover installation near San Diego, CA today.

Using Shade Sails in Your Landscape Design

When you are searching for an effective yet interesting patio cover, look for sun shade sails. This versatile form of patio cover is great to protect your backyard or playground.

No matter your landscape design, it will benefit from a sun shade. These covers come in a few different sizes and shapes. Since there are many options, you do not have to worry about customization or getting exact measurements. Often, sun shades overlap other sun shades to fully cover a landscape. Watch the video for more information on your next patio cover.

Moran Canvas Products believe in providing our customers with quality materials and sail shade installations. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to get started on your outdoor home improvement near San Diego, CA as soon as possible.

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