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Roman Shades: They Aren't Just for Windows

Roman shades are an interesting-looking type of patio cover. They provide shade, as well as a different type of design that will intrigue guests. They are also retractable to provide convenience and change as the sun or weather changes throughout the year. Read on to see how Roman shades are great for more than just windows.

A Roman shade installation will span several feet over a patio. Typically, it is made up of several strips of sturdy fabric that come in any design or color. These strips are kept loose to create an attractive wavelike appearance. The shades are attached to a pulley system that allows the user to open and close the strips as he or she desires. They differ from outdoor curtains, because they cover an entire patio area rather than windows. This will reduce sun damage to patio and furniture surfaces, and it provides a shady place for people to gather.

Trust Moran Canvas Products to deliver an exceptional Roman shade installation near San Diego, CA. Please visit us online and call us at (619) 462-7778 to look at our different Roman shade designs.

The Planning Process for a Shade Sail Installation

There are a few steps involved when installing a sun shade sail, such as tracking the sun and finding sturdy anchor points. These steps will ensure that your sun shade covers all the sunniest areas and that it will last for a long time. Here is a quick look at the planning process for a sun shade sail:

Track the Sun

The sun is the reason you want a sun shade sail, so the first task is to track the sun’s movements as the light hits different areas of your home and property. Analyze where and when you want a shade and determine where the sun hits during those moments. For example, you may like shade on your patio during the hot afternoons, or you want to keep your vehicle from getting the morning sun.

Take Measurements

While you are tracking the sun, take measurements of the areas you want shaded. These measurements will help determine the size and number of sun shades you will need for this home improvement project. Measurements will also help you locate anchor points on which to secure your shades.

Find Anchor Points

Anchor points are one of the most important parts of a shade sail installation. If the anchor points are not sturdy, or they are incorrectly distanced, then your sails could be installed too loose or too tight. If you do not have good anchor points already in place, then you will need to install sturdy beams to hold your sails.

Choose a Sail

Once you have finished the planning, then you can pick out your sails. There are many colors, sizes, and shapes to match your personality or the area you wish to cover. Speak with your shade sail company to find the best product for you.

Moran Canvas Products understands the importance of proper planning. Our sun shade sail experts in San Diego, CA can help you find and install the best patio covers for your needs. Please call us at (619) 462-7778 to get started on shading your property.

The Sunbrella Design Process

Sunbrella is one of the leading fabric makers for all types of patio covers, including commercial awnings and sun shades. Sunbrella fabrics are sturdy, cleanable, breathable, and offer unparalleled protection against sun damage. Let’s take a closer look at how Sunbrella makes their amazing fabrics.

As seen in the attached video, each design or set of colors is completed in a computer program. This program delivers the design to the fabrication department. Employees work with various machines to create each strand of fabric and weave them into a complete design. These completed pieces of fabric are then made into the desired product, which could be upholstery, patio awnings, or sun shades.

Moran Canvas Products has a great relationship with Sunbrella, and we are excited to offer their fabrics and products for patio covers near San Diego, CA. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about Sunbrella and Moran Canvas Products.

Shade-Loving Container Plants for Your Covered Patio

If you have installed a patio cover—or you soon will install one—then think of ways to brighten up your patio. You can set up many different container plants that will provide color and fresh air to your newly-covered patio. These plants, like impatiens or false shamrocks, should love shade. Look at some shade-loving plants for your covered patio.

Rice Cactus

Certain succulents, such as the rice cactus, are great choices for hanging or upright containers. The rice cactus plant will produce long, thin stems that form in grain-like sections. This succulent requires a lot of shade, so it is best to keep it under a large backyard awning or patio cover.

False Shamrock

False shamrock plants are a great choice for indoor or outdoor containers. They produce light purple blooms as long as they are kept in moist soil. They require very little sun, so they will thrive under a patio awning.

Mona Lavender

Mona lavender perennials, also known as plectranthus, will grow into a rounded bush about two feet tall and wide. It produces glossy, green leaves and tubular, lavender blooms. Mona lavenders can handle the sun, but they do best under a patio cover that provides light shade.


Impatiens plants produce rich-colored leaves and flowers. They will spice up any covered patio, especially when paired with the right pot. You can border your patio with a long pot of several impatiens, or you can build up one bush of this beautiful plant in a single pot.


Begonias come in many colors and produce large, attractive blooms. This perennial comes in upright and hanging strains to fit any type of pot. They will do best under the filtered shade from a sun shade sail.

There are many ways to brighten up your patio, and it starts by choosing the right patio cover near San Diego, CA. Work with the experts at Moran Canvas Products to learn about the many types of shade installations we offer and choose the right one for your patio. Please call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more.

How to Add Character to Your Storefront

In retail and service industries, first impressions are everything. When you make the effort to make a great first impression, you’ll be rewarded with loyal customers and plenty of referral business. One important step toward improving your company’s image is to add character to your storefront with a custom-made awning. The installation of a commercial awning will let your potential customers easily see your business name and logo—the first critical step toward building brand awareness. Be creative with your awning, but make sure the design fits the nature of your business. If you own a high-end hotel, for instance, you’ll need a more formal design compared to a daycare center.

In addition to having a custom awning installed, you can add character to your storefront by building attractive displays, either in a sidewalk-facing window or on the sidewalk itself. For example, if you’re a florist, you can display your showiest, most elegant arrangements.

Moran Canvas Products is your source for world-class awnings in San Diego, CA. Call a friendly representative at (619) 462-7778, and we’ll get to work designing an eye-catching awning for your commercial space.

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