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Two Different Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Room


Your backyard is a great place to spend time and relax. Today, it’s easy to find stylish outdoor furniture to create a luxurious living space. If you are also interested in cooking, you may wish to design an outdoor kitchen. No matter what kind of space you hope to create, the canvas shades offered by Moran Canvas Products can help you design the perfect outdoor living area.

  • Outdoor Curtains

If your home is already equipped with a porch or a deck, you may be interested in transforming that space into an outdoor living room. Outdoor curtains allow you to protect your porch or deck from outdoor irritants, such as rain, bright sunlight, and insects, and create a sense of intimacy. Unlike traditional porch screens, outdoor curtains can be pulled back to open the outdoor living space when desired. In addition, outdoor curtains look stylish whether they are drawn shut or pulled to the sides. Outdoor curtains are made from durable canvas fabric and come in a variety of luxurious patterns so you can find the perfect style for your outdoor living room.

  • Cabanas

If you do not have a porch or deck on your home, a cabana is a great option that provides a shaded area in your backyard. Cabanas are perfect for turning patios or paved areas into outdoor living rooms. Cabanas not only provide a shaded outdoor living space, but also feature canvas walls that create a sense of coziness and privacy. The shade provided by a canopy is ideal for relaxing outside and protecting your outdoor furniture from the damage that can be caused by rain and sunlight.

Whether you hope to create an area for poolside relaxation, a backyard reading nook, or a second kitchen, the canvas shades provided by Moran Canvas Products will allow you to design the perfect outdoor living space. To learn more about outdoor curtains, cabanas, or other canvas shades, call Moran Canvas Products today at (888) 904-8665.


Create an Outdoor Living Space!

Creating an outdoor living space is a great option for extending the comfort of your home into your backyard. Stylish outdoor furniture is perfect for creating an outdoor living space that is not only comfortable, but also luxurious and beautiful.

In this video, you will get a glimpse at one modern furniture collection designed specifically for the outdoors. If you are looking for a beautiful papasan chair, a beverage bucket, or topiary accents that can hold up against the weather, you may be interested in this video’s suggestions. For design inspiration for your outdoor living area, watch this full clip.

After you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your backyard, complete your outdoor living space with a canvas shade product from Moran Canvas Products. To learn more about our customizable shade options, give us a call today at (888) 904-8665. 


3 Shade Options for Modern Home Designs

Residential Horizontal Roman Shades 2

If you are decorating your home with a modern style, you may be interested in continuing that design onto your patio or in your window covers. When designing your home, there are a number of modern shade options you can choose from to create the perfect look.

Horizontal Roman Shades

Roman shades are canvas coverings that are typically used for windows. When retracted, Roman shades stack neatly upon themselves, but create a seamless appearance when open. Horizontal Roman shades expand on this idea, but hang overhead as shade panels. Because they require minimal framework and can be retracted or extended partially, horizontal Roman shades are the perfect option for many outdoor spaces. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to create the perfect outdoor living space with a modern design.

Shade Sails

Another modern shade covering option is shade sails. Shade sails are triangular canvas pieces that can be suspended outside to create comfortably shaded areas. Shade sails can be made in a number of sizes, allowing you to create a shaded spot in any backyard, no matter the size. Because of their unusual triangular shape and clean lines, shade sails fit perfectly into modern design aesthetics.

Solar Screens

Blocking the sun can also be important in indoor living spaces. Solar screens are sleek window coverings that block harsh sunlight from entering your home. However, unlike other window coverings, solar screens are transparent from the inside. Solar screens allow you to keep heat and radiation from the sun from entering your home while maintaining a view of your yard. If you are looking for a minimalist window covering for your modern home, solar screens may be the perfect choice.

At Moran Canvas Products, we provide these shade options and many more. To learn about the canvas shade products we provide, give Moran Canvas Products a call today at (888) 904-8665.



Add a Canopy or Canvas Awning to Your Backyard!

Cabanas by Moran Canvas

Canvas products offer a great way to enhance your home or business. With these resources, you can learn more about decorating with canvas awnings and canopies. To get started on your next custom canvas project, give Moran Canvas Products a call at (888) 904-8665.

  • One way to add drama and flair to your bedroom is with a bed canopy. Learn about this trend at HGTV’s website.
  • Your patio should have an awning that fits your restaurant’s overall décor. To learn about restaurant design elements, explore this article.
  • When it comes to patios and outdoor spaces, they truly are an extension of your home’s design and décor. For inspiring ideas about patio design and amenities, check out this great resource!
  • Once you install a great awning, you’ll need furnishings to put in your shaded oasis. This article from Martha Stewart explores furnishing your patio.

Your patio is an outdoor room where friends and family can get together and relax. Check out this webpage to find inspiration to pull together a stunning 


3 Factors to Consider When Installing a Restaurant Patio Cover

Sweetwater Park- Shade Panels-Moran Canvas

 Your restaurant’s patio will see far more use if it features a cover. When installing a canvas awning to cover your patio, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you want to attract diners and create a comfortable space.

 1.      Direction of the Sun

The main function of a canvas awning is to block sunlight; as such, determining where and when sunlight enters your restaurant’s patio is important to consider before installation. The direction from which light shines will dictate your cover’s dimensions and overall design. How far your patio cover should extend can’t be determined without careful planning.

 2.      Awning Style

Your restaurant’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere will help you decide which style of awning to choose. No matter whether you offer an elegant fine dining experience or a sports bar setting, a custom awning can be tailored uniquely for you. Don’t forget convenience and work flow. You will want a patio cover that is easy to maintain and doesn’t get in the way of the waitstaff.  You may choose a retractable cover or a permanent awning with your restaurant’s logo and name. Whichever style you choose should flow with the ambiance and decor of your restaurant.

 3.      Color of the Awning

Make sure the color of the awning you install also matches your brand. Consider the styles and colors that your restaurant’s logo and signage feature. Also, did you know that bright red and green colors have been shown to excite the appetite? All these elements should be considered when choosing the perfect color for your patio cover.

A canvas cover is a great way to increase the use of your patio. Covers make outdoor seating viable year-round. For custom canvas awnings, call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665. Visit our website learn more about how to begin designing the ideal patio cover or awning.


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