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Plan the Perfect Summer Party

Residential Custom Patio Awning

With the summer months just a heartbeat away, it is time to prep your backyard to become party central for the season. Custom awnings and a few added extras allow you to create an outdoor living area that is perfect for you and all of your friends. Use these party-planning tips to get ready for summer:

Add the Right Additions

Install a few awnings around the yard to provide plenty of shade for you and your guests. A canvas patio cover and outdoor curtain let you create functional and fabulous décor outside your home. Residential awnings and other canvas products give you the ability to throw a party during the day or at night. With their superior sun blockage, they set the scene for a daytime soirée. They also are the perfect surface on which to hang lights for a romantic nighttime gathering.

Decide on a Theme

The theme you choose largely affects the other aspects of your outdoor party. Whether you want to host a simple barbeque or throw an elaborate cocktail party, your theme matters. Choose decorations that complement the theme and decide on a guest list. If you want to have a pool party, be sure to let people know beforehand so they can come prepared with swimsuits and towels.

Plan a Menu

Once you have the foundation for your party in place, decide on what kind of food you’d like to serve. If you are having your party in the late afternoon, you can get away with appetizers. For evening parties, providing dinner will keep your guests satisfied. Whatever you decide, your beautiful backyard will be the perfect location for all of your summer party dreams.

Moran Canvas Products helps you plan the ultimate outdoor San Diego party with our awnings, patio covers, and other canvas products. Since 1988, we have perfected our craftsmanship to give you products that enhance your home or business. Call (888) 904-8665 to get started.

Roman Shades are an Attractive Option to Provide Shade

Horizontal Roman Shades2

Here are few of the benefits of Roman Shades:
  • Require little frame work.
  • Easily retracted when required.
  • Retract or extend only a portion of your horizontal roman shades to adjust sun light.
  • A uniquely charming way to make your outdoor living space a handsome retreat.

With Roman Shades you could retract or extend the shades to suit your needs. When they retract, they fold into soft, neat pleats, leaving your space free and open when you want it.

Roman Shades could be the ideal solution for your San Diego project.  At Moran Canvas Products, we offer a huge variety of canvas awnings, shades, and screens and can design them precisely to your needs. Give us a call at (888) 904-8665 for more information. 

Tips for the Best Shade for your Playground


Sun Shade Sails

The unique design of a sun shade sail makes it the perfect addition to any chic or modern structure. With minimal framework required, you can easily hang these shades over your entire outdoor seating area. A sun shade sail makes your customers feel like they are inside while still enjoying the benefits of being outdoors. Since you can affix them temporarily or permanently, sun shade sails make it easy to provide the right amount of shade for your business.


Custom awnings offer the perfect amount of shade from the sun. Available in many styles and colors, you can find the perfect commercial awning to complement your building. With a retractable awning, you can raise and lower the product as needed.

As a business owner, it is up to you to find products that offer aesthetic appeal and comfort for your customers. The right shade option can make your entire business more attractive and comfortable. It can even give you more seating by allowing you to take advantage of a patio area. Consider adding the following shade options:

Patio Covers

If you have an elongated outdoor area, you might want to install a patio cover to give shade to the entire space. Not only does a patio cover offer important protection from the sun for both your customers and your furniture, but it also gives cover in case of rain. This means that you can offer outdoor seating in a large variety of weather conditions, making it easier for you to run a successful establishment, such as a playground or a restaurant.

Moran Canvas Products has a great selection of canvas shades to help keep your business bustling. Since 1988, we have continuously made improvements to our products to give you and your property the best protection possible. For more information, please visit us online or call us at (888) 904-8665.

Exterior vs. Interior: Which Solar Shades Is Right for You?


Solar shades are made out of a fiberglass mesh material that is designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun without completely eliminating natural light. While both exterior and interior shades successfully block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat, which can increase temperatures in your home, you might prefer one model over the other.

Exterior Shades

Much like a custom awning, an exterior shade is attached to the outside of the window. Exterior shades are fixed into place, where it will always block obtrusive glare or harsh sunlight that makes even simple activities like watching television less enjoyable. While exterior shades allow homeowners to easily see outside, passersby cannot peer into the house, which increases your privacy. These shades also reduce heat from the sun before it even reaches your window, which will increase your comfort and decrease your energy bill.

Interior Shades

If you don’t want constant protection from a solar screen, then a retractable interior model could be your answer. Homes in climates that experience cold winters might benefit from the interior style, allowing homeowners to raise the screen temporarily and warm up the house with cozy sunshine. Just as easily, the shade can be closed to keep that heat inside, which will lower heating bills.

Your Choice

Although you might prefer one style, both exterior and interior solar shades protect your windows, your family, and the inside of your home from dangerous UV rays, keep unwanted insects from entering the house, and allow ventilation when the windows are open.

Moran Canvas Products has the best solar shades for your home. We also offer residential and commercial awnings to transform your house or storefront. Check out our products on our website and call us at (888) 904-8665 to order your new screen or awning.

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