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Information On How Canvas Awnings And Cabanas Can Give Your Home Or Business The Boost It Needs

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Below, you’ll find links to recommended articles that explore the many ways in which awnings, cabanas, and other canvas products can help make life simpler and more enjoyable.

· Check out this article from USA Today to learn tips for marketing and branding your small business. Don’t forget to incorporate branding in your signage and awnings!

· Just what is canvas? Read about the history and modern usage of canvas with this helpful website.

· Check out to learn about the many ways you can promote your store by utilizing a visible and attractive sign.

· Did you know than an awning can help winterize your backyard? To find out how an awning can protect your plants from harsh weather, check out this article from

· Before you can throw this year’s pool party, you’ll need a cabana, floats, food, and more. For more tips on how to throw an awesome pool party, check out this webpage.

For more than 20 years, the expert craftsmen at Moran Canvas Products have been creating high-quality canvas products for our customers. Call us at (888) 904-8665 today!

How to Plan for a Barbeque Party

Spring and summer are just a few short months away, so check out this video to learn tips for throwing a fantastically fun barbeque party.

You’ll learn tips for delegating tasks so that party planning doesn’t become overwhelming. This clip also offers creative decorating ideas for plates, napkins, and dishware. You’ll also hear ideas for how to get people involved in entertainment and games. Of course, a comfortable shaded area where guests can mingle and lounge will make any barbeque an instant success.

Before you throw your swinging barbeque, call Moran Canvas Products to learn about our retractable awnings, luxury cabanas, outdoor drapes, and other products. When you shop with us, you won’t have to worry about rain or too much sunshine ruining your party. To learn more about our customizable canvas products, visit our website or call us at (888) 904-8665.

The Benefits of a Retractable Awning For Your Home Patio


Is your patio missing an important element? If so, you need a retractable awning that lets you fully enjoy your backyard. Keep reading to learn more about how your home can benefit from a retractable awning.

· On-Demand Shade Outdoors

A retractable awning is affordable, customizable, durable, and easy to install. Plus, canvas awnings come in a variety of colors. Perhaps their greatest advantage is that they allow you to sit outside without getting scorched by the blistering California sun. Later in the summer when you want to get a tan, you can simply retract the awning and bask in the sunlight. The addition of an awning can make your patio instantly more versatile and accessible.

· Shade for the Garden

Retractable awnings are ideal for experienced gardeners who have plants that prefer morning sunlight to afternoon heat, such as violets and primroses. Gardeners can retract the awning in the early morning hours and provide necessary shade as the day wears on. If you live in a hot climate, awnings can be used to protect your plants, vegetables, flowers, and herbs from getting burnt by the sun, while allowing them to get the UV light and warmth they need.

· Protection from Inclement Weather

If you hate that you can’t enjoy your backyard or entertain a few friends on a rainy afternoon, install a retractable awning over your back porch. You’ll be able to enjoy a warm cup of soup while reading your favorite mystery novel on your patio no matter the weather.

· Increased Property Value

If you think your home could benefit from an awning, chances are potential buyers will feel the same way. You can use your retractable awning as a huge selling point.

At Moran Canvas Products, we strive to provide the best quality commercial and residential awnings in San Diego. We also offer solar screens, cabanas, horizontal Roman shades, outdoor curtains, and much more. To learn more about how our products can improve the look and function of your home, call us at (888) 904-8665 today. 

How Awnings Can Enhance Your Business



If your business isn’t pulling in the traffic you believe it could, your storefront may benefit from an awning. To find out how something so simple can make such an impact, read through the article below.

· Soften the Look of Your Business

Awning-covered areas tend to add warmth and attractiveness to any building. Awnings can add a cozy element to any commercial business, from a spa to a print store. Awnings work especially well when installed over a restaurant’s outdoor seating area, patio, or foyer space. Many people love sitting outside for dinner after being cooped up in an office all day. Awnings allow them to enjoy the outdoors in a cozy setting while staying comfortably protected from winds, drizzles, and falling leaves. Canvas awnings can make even a boring, grey building look inviting.

· Extend Your Business Name or Brand

Another benefit of commercial awnings is that they can extend the name or brand of your business. In many cases, a sign or window display may not be easily seen from the street. Awnings have high visibility and can be customized with your logo and business colors so that people can recognize and find your business with a single glance.

· Provide a Shaded Area for Your Customers

Awnings are not only invaluable in inclement weather, but also during California’s many sunny afternoons. Creating a shaded outdoor area for shoppers or diners is an easy way to increase your business space without expensive remodeling or additions. Customers are most comfortable when they’re protected from wind, rain, and hot sunshine.

If you're in the San Diego area, and would like to add a commercial awning to your business, call Moran Canvas Products. For more than 20 years, we’ve specialized in crafting retractable interior and exterior awnings, solar screens, outdoor curtains, shade sails, and more. To learn more about how our awnings can be customized for your business, call us at (888) 904-8665.

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