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How Canvas Products Can Help Keep Your Energy Bills Down


Skyrocketing energy costs might have you scrambling to find eco-friendly and efficient fixtures for your home or business. Canvas products can not only lower your utility bills, but also help the environment. Keep reading to see how awnings, solar screens, and outdoor curtains can put some extra money in your pockets.


  • Solar Screens

Installing solar screens on your windows will eliminate problems with glare and keep your house cool, even during the blazingly hot summer months. By blocking out dangerous UV rays, solar screens will keep the temperatures down inside without blocking your view of the outside. Solar screens provide the insulation your home needs to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which will prevent you from having to pay exorbitant amounts for air conditioning and heating. 


  • Residential Awnings

Custom awnings protect your windows from extra sunshine that will raise the temperature in your home. By blocking the overhead light and interrupting the flow of light from coming into the house, an awning will save you a lot of money on air conditioning costs. 


  • Outdoor Canvas Curtains

Not only will outdoor canvas curtains make a stylish and decorative addition to your house, but also give you the opportunity to block even more sunlight. With solar screens, residential awnings, and outdoor canvas curtains, you can eliminate dangerous and annoying rays of sunlight and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. These canvas products will greatly reduce utility costs, especially during the summer, and even protect your furniture and upholstery from sun bleaching.


Moran Canvas Products can outfit your home with these special products to save you money on energy costs. Our residential and commercial awnings, solar screens, and outdoor curtains will lower utility costs without sacrificing comfort. Call (888) 904-8665 to learn more about our custom products.



3 Unique Canvas Products that Can Improve Your Patio

Store Entrance

Don’t let a boring patio keep you from enjoying some time outdoors. Get these canvas products to transform your backyard into your new favorite hangout.


Canvas Awning

Design a custom awning in canvas to provide some much-needed shade from the Southern California sun. The shade will keep the temperatures at bay while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of being outside. You can spend some time outside even in the middle of the summer to have a barbeque, do some reading, or just breathe in the fresh air under the shade.  


Canvas Cabana

Take advantage of your pool by adding a canvas cabana to your yard. With this new pool house, you can store extra towels and pool accessories, create an outdoor kitchen, move your gym equipment outside, or just have a place to get ready for your swim. A canvas cabana will enhance your pool experience, and will inspire you to host more pool parties. It will also make your backyard look more pleasant and welcoming.  


Canvas Outdoor Curtain

Transform your backyard into a mystical oasis by adding a canvas outdoor curtain to the patio. Find a color that you love and design an outdoor eating area around your new curtain. Tie it back to revel in some beautiful views, and let it fall back down to enjoy some privacy. Lanterns and string lights will be the perfect additions when creating an atmosphere inside the canvas curtain—don’t be afraid to flex your decorating muscles to make your patio stunning.


Moran Canvas Products can create these canvas additions to your backyard to give your home a unique look and feel. Since 1988, we have been specializing in residential and commercial awnings and energy-efficient sun screens. Visit our website or call (888) 904-8665 for more information.



Moran Canvas | Mediterranean Patio Makeover

You can easily transform your backyard into a Mediterranean landscape with a few simple additions. A cabana, for example, will be a great complement to your pool and you can play around with colors and patterns until you find a combination with visual pop. Canvas umbrellas and awnings will give you some pockets of shade where you can escape the sun when it starts to get too warm. Finish off the look with beautiful outdoor curtains that tie everything together.



Watch this video to see one couple’s backyard transformed into a dream patio, inspired by Las Vegas’ luxury Bellagio hotel. Call Moran Canvas Products today at (888) 904-8665 to start your backyard makeover with quality canvas cabanas, outdoor curtains, and awnings.


Moran Canvas | What You'll Need to Know When Ordering Custom Awnings!

Blue House with Striped Awning

If you love to sit outside but feel like it’s too sunny to really enjoy your backyard, then you might need an awning. Ordering a custom awning can give you the shade you need while adding a personal touch on the yard. Here are some of the things you will need to know before ordering your awning:


  • Awning Styles

Decide what kind of awning you want for your home. Awnings are available in fixed metal, fixed canvas, or retractable canvas models. Fixed metal awnings cost the least, but you won’t be able to change them at all. Canvas awnings can give the exterior of your home a little extra color and design. Retractable awnings, though the most expensive of the three, are convenient for areas you don’t always want to be covered. 


  • Measurements

Measure the area where you want to place the awning so you can give the residential awning company the dimensions they need to make your custom piece. The company may even offer to calculate the measurements Decide whether you want one bigger awning or two smaller, and give the company your thoughts on how you want them to look. Since the awning is going to be custom, don’t hesitate to voice your requests and listen to suggestions. 


  • Fabric Options

If you decide to go with fabric awnings, then you will need to choose a type of fabric. Ask the residential and commercial awnings experts to show you some canvas samples and pick the material that fits your aesthetic tastes. You will soon have a custom awning that allows you to enjoy your backyard any time you want.


Moran Canvas Products can design a custom awning to perfectly suit your home or business. Our residential and commercial awnings have been helping Southern California residents since 1988. We also offer solar screens. For more information on our services, visit our website or call (888) 904-8665.



Moran Canvas | Learn More About Cabanas and Solar Screens for Your Home!

Your home should be equipped for optimal comfort. Read about the benefits of solar screens and cabanas on the following sites to see how you can improve your home.


  • Energy Savers explores ways to improve the efficiency of existing windows, including installing mesh solar screens. 


  • A solar screen can be just what your home needs to lower electric bills and increase privacy. 


  • Spice up the area around your pool by installing a cabana. Read about some of the benefits of a poolside paradise.


  • Throw an unbeatable summer party with a new cabana. Get some ideas on party themes and preparations with this page.


  • Find inspiration for how to decorate your cabana and enjoy the feeling of spending time in your outdoor oasis.


For more information, call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665.




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