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Moran Canvas | Exterior vs. Interior, Which Solar Screen Is Right for You?

Exterior Solar Screens in Del Mar

Solar screens are made out of a fiberglass mesh material that is designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun without completely eliminating natural light. While both exterior and interior screens successfully block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat, which can increase temperatures in your home, you might prefer one model over the other.


  • Exterior Shades

Much like a custom awning, an exterior shade is attached to the outside of the window. Exterior shades are fixed into place, where it will always block obtrusive glare or harsh sunlight that makes even simple activities like watching television less enjoyable. While exterior shades allow homeowners to easily see outside, passersby cannot peer into the house, which increases your privacy. These shades also reduce heat from the sun before it even reaches your window, which will increase your comfort and decrease your energy bill.


  • Interior Shades

If you don’t want constant protection from a solar screen, then a retractable interior model could be your answer. Homes in climates that experience cold winters might benefit from the interior style, allowing homeowners to raise the screen temporarily and warm up the house with cozy sunshine. Just as easily, the shade can be closed to keep that heat inside, which will lower heating bills.


  • Your Choice

Although you might prefer one style, both exterior and interior solar screens protect your windows, your family, and the inside of your home from dangerous UV rays, keep unwanted insects from entering the house, and allow ventilation when the windows are open.


Moran Canvas Products has the best solar screens for your home. We also offer residential and commercial awnings to transform your house or storefront. Check out our products on our website and call us at (888) 904-8665 to order your new screen or awning.



Moran Canvas | Check Out These Informational Resources!

Your home should be equipped for optimal comfort. Read about the benefits of solar screens and cabanas on the following sites to see how you can improve your home.


  • Energy Savers explores ways to improve the efficiency of existing windows, including installing mesh solar screens. 


  • A solar screen can be just what your home needs to lower electric bills and increase privacy. 


  • Spice up the area around your pool by installing a cabana. Read about some of the benefits of a poolside paradise.


  • Throw an unbeatable summer party with a new cabana. Get some ideas on party themes and preparations with this page.


  • Find inspiration for how to decorate your cabana and enjoy the feeling of spending time in your outdoor oasis.


For more information, call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665.



Moran Canvas | 3 Ways a Cabana Can Add Class to Your Pool



If you enjoy the convenience and attractiveness of the awning over your patio, then you’ll love a poolside cabana. With the perfect cabana, you will enjoy outdoor fun and relaxation paired with comfort and protection from the sun.

 Privacy for Your Pool Guests

One of the best things about owning a cabana is throwing pool parties where your guests have a private place to change and eliminating dripping swimsuits and towels in your house. Not only will your home stay cleaner, but everyone will also be that much closer to the fun. With a small table and comfy chairs inside the cabana, you can easily extend your outdoor barbecues. Consider fixing your cabana with some solar screens to increase privacy even more.

 More than Just a Pool House

With all the extra space you’ll enjoy by adding a cabana to your backyard, you can finally have a safe place to store your pool accessories during the winter. Or you could put a treadmill and some dumbbells inside to create your own private outdoor gym. Whatever you choose to do with your cabana, it’s sure to add a touch of glamour to your patio setup.

 Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Like a residential awning, a cabana can increase the aesthetic value of your backyard, which will also increase the value of your house. Decorating your cabana will make the yard even more visually appealing, so find décor that adds to the luxury atmosphere around your pool.


Get your custom cabana at Moran Canvas Products. We offer solar screens and residential and commercial awnings that will beautifully enhance your exterior. Our specially crafted canvas products have been pleasing the Mesa community since 1988, and we aren’t about to stop now. Check out our products on our website and call (888) 904-8665 to order your own.



Add Moran Canvas Solar Screens to Your Home to Keep You Cool!

Solar screens are amazingly useful replacements for conventional window screens. They have countless benefits, from protecting your health to adding some color to your windows and doors. Here are some reasons why solar screens are a smart investment


Exterior Solar Screens in Del Mar

Block UV Rays

Though they look similar to regular window screens, solar screens have much greater capabilities. The materials used to make solar screens absorb most of the sun’s harmful UV rays, making the sunlight easier on your eyes and reducing the risk of skin cancer.


Save Energy

Most solar screens will block 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s heat, keeping your house nice and cool. A properly insulated house with energy-efficient widows and solar screens can save unbelievable amounts of money on reduced air conditioning expenses.


Stop Insects

Just like a conventional window screen, solar screens allow you to enjoy the view and a breeze while keeping the flies and mosquitoes at bay. On breezy afternoons, your solar screens can turn any room into a pleasantly enclosed patio.


Protect Furniture

One advantage of the sun-blocking attributes of solar screens is that they keep the sun’s harshest rays off of your furniture. Less UVA and UVB rays means less color fading and a longer lifespan for any furniture that would otherwise be worn by sunlight.


 Add Color

Last, but not least, solar screens can add a touch of color and style to your home. Many solar screens are available in brilliant colors that can be used to highlight your windows and add a bit of flare to your house’s outer appearance.


If you want to protect your eyes, skin, and furniture, then call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665 and ask about our great solar screen products. Visit our website to see our work and hear what our satisfied customers have to say.



When Canvas Awnings from Moran Canvas Should Be Replaced

Canvas awnings look great and are very durable. But every now and then, they will need to be replaced due to years of wear or damage. There are many reasons that an awning may need to be replaced. Here are just a few signs that it might be time to replace your home awning:


Scroll Awning San Diego


Holes in your home awning caused by wind and debris will not only make it less attractive, but also less effective. Holes in canvas awnings can give an otherwise lovely house a tattered and neglected appearance, as well as expose the covered area to harsh sunlight and weather.



If the edges of your awning are frayed due to whipping winds or a nearby tree, then this is a sign that your awning needs to be repaired or replaced. If neglected, the frayed part of your awning will spread, leaving it loose enough for the next strong wind to dislodge it entirely.


Bent Frame

No matter the cause, damaged framework in an awning will need to be replaced to avoid any accidents due to weakened structural integrity.


Faded Colors

Canvas awnings are made to last a long time in bright sunlight, but eventually the sun will take its toll. If you want to maintain a particular color scheme, then you will eventually have to update your canvas awning.



Of course, if you make any structural changes to your house, move, or expand or remove windows, then your canvas awning will have to be changed to match the new style and structure. You could also pick out new color if you decide to repaint your house


If you need a new canvas awning, or if your current awning could use an update, then call (888) 904-8665 to talk to the friendly experts at Moran Canvas Products. We have been serving San Diego since 1988 and can create the perfect shady spot for your home. Feel free to visit our website to see some of our expert work.



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