Residential & Commercial Awnings in San Diego

Awnings provide shade and dress up any property for improved comfort and curb appeal.

Commercial awnings add flair to your storefront, while fixed awnings and retractable patio covers provide customizable shade for your home’s outdoor spaces. Moran Canvas Products specializes in residential and commercial awnings in San Diego, CA, including awning installation for your home or business.

Choosing the Right Commercial Awning

An appealing entranceway makes a good first impression for your business, drawing new clientele to your location and inviting returning customers inside. The right awning will enhance your business’ curb appeal and contribute to the commercial image you want others to see.

  • When choosing awning colors, select colors that reflect the personality of your business. You should also ensure that any colors you choose will show off your logo, making it visible at a distance and easy to read.

  • Opt for an awning style that complements the exterior of your business and fits well with the look of its other exterior features.

  • Awnings made from high-quality fabrics will resist weathering and fading, maintaining their look and your business’ curb appeal for years to come. Talk to your awning retailer about the best type of material for your location and needs.

Fixed vs. Retractable Awnings for Your Home

Both fixed and retractable residential awnings provide protection from the elements and add an appealing architectural element to the exterior of your home. The choice between fixed or retractable awnings depends upon many factors; determining the type of performance you want from your awning can help you select the right option.

Fixed awnings are permanently affixed to the exterior of your home and remain extended at all times. Thus, these awnings contribute to the external appearance of your home and are always working to block incident light, regardless of the season. These types of awnings are often best for windows that receive direct sunlight all year long; they also typically cost less than retractable options.

Retractable awnings often represent a slightly higher initial cost, but also offer greater flexibility in terms of performance. If you want to shade your home for only a portion of the year or even just a portion of each day, a retractable awning can be extended and retracted to match your needs. These awnings impact the appearance of your home less when they are closed; they are also less prone to weather damage in windy or stormy locations.

Moran Canvas Products offers a wide variety of commercial and residential awning and sun shade products. Please call us today at (888) 904-8665 for more information about our home improvement products or to schedule awning installation in San Diego, CA.

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