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  • Moran Canvas: How to Care for Your Canvas Awning!

    Owning canvas awnings , whether in a commercial or residential setting, adds beneficial elements to your home or business that you simply cannot get with other types of products. Awnings are a functional product that also creates a distinctive look, particularly when you choose custom awnings. 


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    Like any investment, a certain level of care must be put into awning maintenance if you want to maximize their performance and lifetime. How you care for your awnings will depend largely on whether they are indoor or outdoor fixtures; here are the basics:

    • Outdoor Awning Care

    Awnings that are installed outdoors are exposed to all of the elements, including animals. Dirt, dust, debris, and even bird droppings are likely to find their way onto your custom awning more often than not. The first step in preserving the integrity of your awning is to simply clean it. Take a stiff broom or brush to remove the offending items soon after they appear. If the debris is something that is likely to stain, then you’ll want to use a mild, lukewarm, soapy water mix to gently cleanse the area. Make sure to rinse well and allow the awnings to air dry on their frames.


    • Indoor Awning Care

    If you’ve installed awnings indoors, then the most element exposure they are likely to see is sunlight, depending on their position. You’ll want to protect against color fading from the sun. Otherwise, a weekly dusting schedule and semi-annual wash schedule should be sufficient for care and maintenance.

    If you are interested in installing awnings at your location, or simply have further questions about how to care for your awnings, then contact us here at Moran Canvas Products . With three generations of canvas products experience, we are the authority on awnings and can create custom awnings to your specifications. Give us a call today.



  • Moran Canvas: The Energy Saving Advantages of Solar Screens!

    As the search continues for more and better ways to save money and energy , solar screens are increasing in popularity. As their name suggests, solar screens work to screen the sun’s energy and reduce its effect on a home. They are most commonly used on residential homes’ windows, but you may also see them in automotive windows and in commercial applications.

    Since solar screens block the sun’s harmful UV rays, one of the major advantages of having screens is UV protection. While this is certainly one benefit of solar screens, there are financial and environmental benefits as well.

    Exterior Solar Screens in Del Mar

    • Solar screens block a great deal of heat from entering the home through the windows during the warmer months. Screens prevent solar rays from coming in contact with the window in the first place; thereby, the amount of heat the glass conducts is greatly reduced. Less solar gain on the home means your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. This means your cooling bill goes down and your carbon footprint is reduced because you don’t consume as much energy.


    • During the winter months, solar screens work in an opposite—but equally efficient—way. While there isn’t typically much solar gain during winter, solar screens do act as an insulation barrier for your windows. Less heat escapes through the glass, so your heating costs are reduced, which allows you to maintain the same financial and environmental benefits enjoyed in the warmer months. Solar screens also help to prevent blustery drafts from entering the home.

    If you are interested in installing solar screens in your home, then contact us at Moran Canvas Products . We have what you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency and we also offer beautiful custom awnings to improve the appearance of your home. Contact us today!



  • Moran Canvas: Benefits of Retractable Awnings!

    “Retractable awnings are a great and economical way to shade your deck or patio. Whether it is the shelter from the sun’s intense rays that you are seeking, or simply trying to jazz up your backyard, the many benefits of such an awning will add value and aesthetics to your home.

    The variety available is ideal for your patios, decks, balconies, terraces, poolside, and even for spreading them over your Jacuzzi.

    Available in various sizes, both large and small, these large awnings are suitable for commercial establishments, as well as for homes where a large expanse is required to be covered. The smaller sized door or  window awnings  is also a great option!”


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