• Qualities to Look for in an Awning Company

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    Is your home or business missing an extra touch of style? In addition to providing ample shade, awnings are a great way to complement the architecture of your home or business. As with any service, it’s important to find the best company to complete your awning design and installation. Here are a few key qualities to look for in an awning company:  

    • Variety of products

    Once you begin a new home renovation project, you may decide you want a cabana or solar screen in addition to your awning. Instead of shopping around, it’s preferable to stick with a trusted company that does it all, has a variety of high-quality products, and can be relied upon to perform different tasks.  

    • High-quality craftsmanship

    While browsing awning companies, check out their showrooms and get a feel for their designs. Though it may be tempting to go by price, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. A good awning company can design high-quality custom awnings in all shapes and sizes to suit any building.

    • A history of great service

    To ensure an awning company does great work, ask for a list of past customers you can call. If those customers are happy with the awnings and services they received, then you’ll most likely be happy with your awning as well.

    • Happy employees

    You can investigate the company’s products and history, but the employees may be the best indication of a quality company and services. Consider asking each company about their employees’ wages and benefits to get a feel for the way they do business. Also, happy employees are productive employees who will create better awnings.

    If you’re looking for a fabulous awning company in the San Diego area, then contact Moran Canvas Products . Since 1988, we’ve provided thousands of homes and businesses with wonderful awnings, and our employees have always received excellent wages and benefits. If you have any questions, then give us a call at (888) 904-8665 .




  • Learn More About Moran Canvas Products & Awnings

    If you are looking for a quality company to give you custom awnings and solar screens, then look no further than Moran Canvas Products . In this video, many of Moran Canvas Products’ satisfied customers talk about what makes this custom awning company better than the rest.


    With quality contractors who transform the homes they work on, first-class workmanship and materials, and superb customer service, Moran Canvas Products gives their customers what they want. Watch this video hear more good reviews, and call us at (888) 904-8665 when you need a residential awning, solar screen, cabana, or another of our great canvas products.



  • How Canvas Products Can Help Keep Your Energy Bills Down

    Skyrocketing energy costs might have you scrambling to find eco-friendly and efficient fixtures for your home or business. Canvas products can not only lower your utility bills, but also help the environment. Keep reading to see how awnings , solar screens, and outdoor curtains can put some extra money in your pockets.


    • Solar Screens

    Installing solar screens on your windows will eliminate problems with glare and keep your house cool, even during the blazingly hot summer months. By blocking out dangerous UV rays, solar screens will keep the temperatures down inside without blocking your view of the outside. Solar screens provide the insulation your home needs to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which will prevent you from having to pay exorbitant amounts for air conditioning and heating.  


    • Residential Awnings

    Custom awnings protect your windows from extra sunshine that will raise the temperature in your home. By blocking the overhead light and interrupting the flow of light from coming into the house, an awning will save you a lot of money on air conditioning costs.  


    • Outdoor Canvas Curtains

    Not only will outdoor canvas curtains make a stylish and decorative addition to your house, but also give you the opportunity to block even more sunlight. With solar screens, residential awnings, and outdoor canvas curtains, you can eliminate dangerous and annoying rays of sunlight and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. These canvas products will greatly reduce utility costs, especially during the summer, and even protect your furniture and upholstery from sun bleaching.


    Moran Canvas Products can outfit your home with these special products to save you money on energy costs. Our residential and commercial awnings, solar screens, and outdoor curtains will lower utility costs without sacrificing comfort. Call (888) 904-8665 to learn more about our custom products.



  • Moran Canvas Video Testimonial!

    For the best commercial and residential awnings in the business,   Moran Canvas Products   is the company to turn to. Whether you want a custom awning, a solar screen, or other shade structure, we can help. For more information on our services, visit our website or call  (888) 904-8665.       .