Exterior vs. Interior: Which Solar Shades Is Right for You?


Solar shades are made out of a fiberglass mesh material that is designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun without completely eliminating natural light. While both exterior and interior shades successfully block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat, which can increase temperatures in your home, you might prefer one model over the other.

Exterior Shades

Much like a custom awning, an exterior shade is attached to the outside of the window. Exterior shades are fixed into place, where it will always block obtrusive glare or harsh sunlight that makes even simple activities like watching television less enjoyable. While exterior shades allow homeowners to easily see outside, passersby cannot peer into the house, which increases your privacy. These shades also reduce heat from the sun before it even reaches your window, which will increase your comfort and decrease your energy bill.

Interior Shades

If you don’t want constant protection from a solar screen , then a retractable interior model could be your answer. Homes in climates that experience cold winters might benefit from the interior style, allowing homeowners to raise the screen temporarily and warm up the house with cozy sunshine. Just as easily, the shade can be closed to keep that heat inside, which will lower heating bills.

Your Choice

Although you might prefer one style, both exterior and interior solar shades protect your windows, your family, and the inside of your home from dangerous UV rays, keep unwanted insects from entering the house, and allow ventilation when the windows are open.

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