Why You Should Consider Horizontal Roman Shades

Residential Horizontal Roman Shades 2

If you want the convenience of a canvas awning but want to add a little more aesthetic appeal to your outdoor area, horizontal Roman shades may be the perfect choice for you. With all of the function of an awning plus a little extra personality, horizontal Roman shades bring a new dimension of style to your yard. Keep reading to find out why horizontal Roman shades may be perfect for you:

Minimal Frame Work  One of the reasons why these Roman shades have so much aesthetic appeal is the fact that they require almost no frame work. When you install these horizontal shades, you are not burdening your property with a huge, jarring frame. Instead, you can continue to enjoy the aesthetic flow of your yard along with the benefits of your attractive new shades.

Complete Light Control  Since you can extend and retract horizontal Roman shades completely or partially, you can enjoy the exact amount of sunlight you want for your outdoor area. The shades are easy to adjust, giving you complete control over the amount of sun exposure in your patio or backyard. Keep them extended when the sun is out, and retract them at night to enjoy the view of the stars.

Pleated Effect  One of the best reasons to get Roman shades for your home is the unique pleated pattern that they feature. Not only do horizontal Roman shades give you full access to the sky when open, but they also add another element of design to the space.

Moran Canvas Products brings you the best outdoor products, including residential and commercial awnings, in the San Diego area. Our horizontal Roman shades, custom awnings, and solar screens give your property necessary protection from the sun while adding a unique aesthetic appeal. Visit our website or call (888) 904-8665 to learn more about our products. 

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