Create a Great Outdoor Space for Your Restaurant with Shades and Awnings

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On a warm summer day, a patio space can attract patrons to your restaurant. Great food, service, and wonderful outdoor ambience can help create a perfect dining experience. Read the following tips to find out more about how you can use commercial shades and awnings to create a great outdoor space for your restaurant:

Plan around the Sunshine Before installing your awning or shades, consider where your proposed dining area is in relation to the sun. If your outdoor area faces west, horizontal Roman shades will not protect them from the full glare of the setting sun. Fortunately, you can use a vertical sunlight break to block the late afternoon sun, protecting your patrons in the process.

Balance Sun and Shade Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause serious damage to your skin; however, the sun also provides Vitamin D and has been shown to have a positive impact on one’s mood. When designing your outdoor dining space, think about how you can balance the sun and shade in order to give your patrons attractive seating options. You can create this balance by installing awnings or by placing an umbrella at each table.

Address Potential Pollution In addition to providing additional seating, outdoor dining can serve as a free advertisement if visible to the public. However, if your patrons are seated too closely to the road, or are sitting too close to your parking lot, they won’t appreciate the noise and exhaust. If you feel these factors will be an issue, find a way to make your outdoor seating more pleasant by supplying an appropriate buffer between your patrons and nearby elements.

Moran Canvas Products provides hand-crafted and custom-built commercial awnings and sail shades so our clients can see their outdoor designs come alive. Our skilled employees create high-quality products and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. For more information on our services, call (888) 904-8665.

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