What You Need to Know about Solar Screens


The bright, warm light of the sun can be a welcome presence in your home. However, the sun’s rays can also do harm when they shine into your house. Protecting your windows and your home with solar screens has many benefits for you, especially in the warmest summer months. You can trust a professional residential awning company to install quality solar screens that are both functional and attractive. Keep reading to learn more about solar screens.

How Solar Screens Work Without a solar screen covering your window, sunlight will pass through the unprotected glass. Some of the light will reflect back, but most will enter your home, generating heat. Solar screens block the sunlight before it has a chance to reach your window, resulting in less glare and less heat inside your home. Solar screens absorb and reflect the sun’s heat, directing it away from your windows. Unlike window tinting, solar screens are specifically designed for double-paned windows and will not damage the glass or void the warranty on your windows.

What the Advantages of Solar Screens Are In addition to being a superior choice over tinted windows, solar screens offer you a number of other advantages. Some other types of window coverings protect your home from sunlight, but do not allow you to see out of the window. Solar screens give you excellent visibility and do not distort your view out the window at all. During the daytime, outsiders will not be able to see into your home through your solar screens, giving you added privacy. Solar screens also block the harsh glare from the sun, but still let a softer, more pleasant light into your home. You can expect to see lower electric bills in the summertime, as your solar screens will help to keep your house cooler.

Solar screens offer an excellent way to protect your home from the San Diego sun. Contact Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665 to learn about our residential and commercial awnings and solar screens. We are proud to be a family-owned business with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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