• Outdoor Entertaining Tips to Help You Host Guests This Summer

    Residential Horizontal Roman Shades

    Although one of the most stressful parts of hosting out-of-town visitors is finding space for them to sleep in your home, it’s important that you also consider how you will keep them entertained for the duration of their visit. In addition to planning day trips to sights in and around San Diego, you can keep them from growing restless by hosting afternoon and evening events by the backyard pool . Here are some outdoor entertaining tips to help you host guests this summer:

    Don’t Let Bugs RSVP to Your Event
    As you put together your invite list for an upcoming barbecue or swim party, be sure to leave mosquitoes off of your invite list. To make sure that bugs keep their distance from your house guests, light great-smelling citronella candles inside of your backyard cabana. This natural repellent won’t pollute the environment beneath your residential awning as it wards off pesky and potentially-dangerous critters.

    Decorate in a Welcoming Color Scheme
    Another simple way to ensure a successful outdoor event with family and friends is to create a welcoming environment in your backyard . Install custom awnings, solar screens, or cabanas in a shade that complements your garden and reflects the easy-going nature of the summer season. Some popular outdoor colors to choose from include blues, whites, and greens.

    Offer Shelter from the Sun and Rain
    When hosting relatives from out of town or next door neighbors for a backyard barbecue, it’s important to offer a comfortable and hospitable environment for them to relax in. One simple way to protect guests from becoming sunburned or getting soaked by a sudden summer shower is to cover your outdoor cooking and dining space with a residential awning or solar screen.

    If you could use some help creating a well-shaded, attractive area in your backyard for summer parties, then visit Moran Canvas Products near San Diego. From awnings to cabanas , we can customize any product to make sure that it fits the vibe you’d like to establish in your backyard. Call (888) 904-8665 to learn more about our products.

  • How to Keep Your Awning Clean for Summer

    If you are like most homeowners, you are looking forward to taking refuge from the summer heat under your custom awnings. Residential awnings and solar screens provide the perfect respite from the California weather, but it’s important to keep your awning clean to maintain its appearance and functionality. First, use a broom to brush off large debris like twigs and leaves. Next, use a spray bottle or bucket filled with warm, soapy water and a sponge to scrub down the awning. Finally, rinse your awning or screen with plain water, and allow to air dry. For the best results, be sure to properly clean your awning at least every five months.

    Awning and flowers

    For the widest selection of awnings, solar screens, and shade sails in San Diego, look no further than Moran Canvas Products . Our store is convenient to San Diego, La Mesa, Coronado, and Poway. Call (888) 904-8665 to learn more.

  • Keeping Flying Pests from Swarming Your Next Lawn Party

    With the summer holidays approaching, many California homeowners are planning festive outdoor events. Unfortunately, flying pests like mosquitoes can quickly put a damper on any celebration. Check out these tips to keep your guests cool and comfortable and keep pesky insects at bay:

    Insect repellent

    Eliminate Dampness

    Insects are naturally attracted to damp areas because they lay their eggs in standing water. Your first step in keeping flying pests away is to minimize any damp areas where water may accumulate and keep your weedy areas under control and your lawn mowed. Be sure to change water frequently in bird baths, and consider investing in a drain system to channel water away from low-level parts of your yard.

    Repel Insects

    Unfortunately, insects are resilient creatures, and nearly all residential and commercial spaces are affected by pests during the hot and humid summer months. To decrease your chances of suffering itchy bites or even contracting a dangerous disease like West Nile virus, always use an insect repellant when you venture outdoors. For large gatherings, consider investing in citronella candles and lanterns and provide guests with extra bug sprays. If you want to avoid chemicals like DEET, you can purchase a more eco-friendly alternative like citrus oil or a scentless skin oil.

    Stay Covered

    One great way to both block out the sun and glare and keep insects away from your windows is to install solar shades on your windows. While solar screens keep your guests cool when they step indoors, outdoor curtains and custom awnings can keep pests at bay while they enjoy themselves in your cozy, private outdoor space.

    The friendly residential and commercial sales specialists at Moran Canvas Products are fully licensed and certified, and our customers consistently praise the quality and affordability of our products. To find out which custom awning, cover, or solar shade fits your needs, style, and budget, call our San Diego office at (888) 904-8665 today!