• Patio Lighting Ideas

    As you will see in this video, there are a number of ways to implement backyard lighting, such as installing string lights from the top of a cabana or placing lanterns on the ground next to your outdoor dining table. Another innovative idea is to hang a chandelier from a tree close to your patio.

    The most important question to ask yourself when selecting lighting fixtures for your patio is “how will this light enhance the atmosphere outside?” Instead of simply brightening up the space, a fixture should also help to make the backyard more comfortable and welcoming for your family and friends.

    If you would like to keep your newly designed patio well protected from the harsh sun this summer season, then contact Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665. From sun shade sails to poolside cabanas, we carry a variety of products that can provide shade to any outdoor space.

  • Factors to Consider When Designing Your Commercial Awning

    Commercial Spear Style Awning

    The exterior of your commercial property plays a significant role in its ability to attract clientele and impress potential business partners. One way to enhance this outdoor space and give it the crisp, professional look it calls for is to install custom awnings above each window. Here are some factors that you should consider when designing your commercial awning:

    Color and Pattern
    To make the process of selecting the right commercial awnings just a little bit easier, begin by establishing a color palette. As we have learned through history from iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Heinz Ketchup, the perfect color can make a company unforgettable. Your custom awning producer can accommodate any color requests and even work with you to develop a signature pattern that sets your business apart from others in the neighborhood.

    Another consideration to make when designing custom awnings is the practical purpose they will serve. If you are going to provide outdoor seating, then your awnings should be large enough to provide adequate shade and protection from the weather. If, however, they are only decorative then you may want to consider going with a narrower, more streamlined look.

    As your residential and commercial awnings manufacturer will share, there are countless shapes for you to choose from when designing your awnings. For example, you can go with a rounded, cylindrical shape with a flat front-facing surface in order to highlight your business name, or you can invest in a more sculptural, horizontal design to provide maximum coverage from the sun. The shape should add intrigue to your company’s appearance while also enhancing the functionality of its outdoor space.

    A simple way to find the inspiration you need to design your commercial awnings is to visit Moran Canvas Products. Our design team can show you some of our past creations while working with you to create an item that’s uniquely your own. Call (888) 904-8665 to get started creating your custom awnings.


  • Sun Protection Basics for a Day in the Backyard

    Beautiful woman sunbathing on the edge of swimming pool.

    If you and your family plan on spending a significant amount of time outdoors this summer season, then it’s important that you establish a healthy routine to protect yourselves from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Thirty minutes prior to heading out to the pool or to your outdoor patio, be sure to cover any visible skin with a high-SPF sunblock. Since your scalp and your eyes are particularly sensitive to sun damage, don’t forget to don a hot and a pair of shades. You can also cut down on the amount of sun exposure your family receives by installing residential awnings in the backyard. If your sitting area is not close to your home’s structure, then opt for a cabana or solar screen instead.

    Here at Moran Canvas Products, we work with San Diego area residents frequently to create a safer, more enjoyable backyard environment. Our custom awnings and exterior products are the answer to your search for an attractive and effective method for keeping the sun at bay this summer season. To find out which awning style is right for your home, call (888) 904-8665.

  • How to Make the Most of Your Small Yard

    When preparing to renovate your small outdoor space, it’s important to develop a thorough layout that strategically makes use of every square inch. To make the yard feel more spacious, use plenty of geometric shapes like squares and rectangles that add dimension and depth to the area. Other ways to distract the eye from focusing on the perimeter of the yard instead of all that its interior has to offer include installing low walls that organize the space into sections and creating destinations near each corner.

    As you will learn in this video, one of the most important rules to live by as you turn your tiny yard into the envy of the neighborhood is to be budget conscious. Instead of splurging on fixtures that are constructed out of pricey materials like natural stone or slate, compromise by choosing attractive alternatives that are within budget.

    No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, you can make it more comfortable with help from the professionals at Moran Canvas Products. To find out more about how your yard could benefit from our awnings, shades, and patio covers , call (888) 904-8665.