• Hosting an Outdoor Holiday Celebration


    There are many positive aspects of living in San Diego, and one big one is the ability to enjoy spending time outside at any time of year. Change up your holiday plans by moving your Thanksgiving celebration to your backyard and taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Use this guide to plan an unforgettable outdoor holiday celebration:

    Keep the Menu Simple

    On top of the holiday favorites, include a few simple-to-make sides that keep your guests well-fed but still give you time to enjoy the meal. Simple salads, potatoes, and biscuits are always a big hit at holiday-themed parties. Entertaining is much more fun when you have time to actually enjoy the food that you make .

    Use Nature as Your Decorating Inspiration

    With the beautiful fall colors surrounding your fabulous table setting, it is easy to choose colors and decorations that complement the natural aesthetic appeal of the yard. Choose dark orange, brown, and gold items to draw even more attention to the colors around you. You can even use some real leaves to decorate the table. Add some twinkle lights to the backyard décor to provide the perfect atmosphere once the sun goes down.

    Take Advantage of Outdoor Products

    With awnings and outdoor curtains, you can ensure that your outdoor holiday celebration is a success even if the weather throws some unexpected precipitation your way. You might even want to set up the table beneath a stylish outdoor cabana to really set the holiday mood. These outdoor products help you bring your ability to entertain to a new level.


    With the help of Moran Canvas Products , you can plan a great outdoor celebration at any time of year. Our custom awnings, Roman shades, and solar screens provide the protection and aesthetic appeal that you need. Since 1988, we have provided quality products with the highest craftsmanship. For more information, visit our website or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Shade Sails Shopping Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]


    If you want to enjoy your patio, rain or shine, the right kind of shade is important. For a dramatic design feature and comfortable shade, consider shade sails. These fabric shades are modeled after the sails on ships and can be tension-mounted over your patio to provide cover. Shade sails are extremely durable and offer many benefits, from great UV protection to striking style. This guide from Moran Canvas Products in San Diego details what you need to know about this unique kind of shading. If you’re considering shade sails, call us to learn more about how they work and how they compare to our canvas awnings. Do you know someone who needs a permanent patio cover or shade for a special event like a wedding? Please pass along this helpful information.

  • Spotlight on Retractable Awnings


    A retractable awning is the ideal addition to any residential or commercial property. With its versatile design possibilities and superior functionality, this product has just what you need to make any outdoor area great. Keep reading to learn more:

    Any awning offers amazing shade possibilities for your outdoor area, and the retractable awning takes it one step further. By giving you control, you can choose when you want to enjoy the shade or soak up the sun. With the simple touch of a button, you can open and close the awning and optimize your outdoor space.

    Come to Moran Canvas Products for all of your awning needs. Our custom awnings help you enhance your residential and commercial properties. We also have a wide-range of other shade-providing products like solar shades, outdoor curtains, and sun shade sails. For more information on our products and services, visit our website or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Why Shade is Important All Year Long

    Brick House Framed with Trees

    Even though the days of summer have officially said goodbye for the year, it is still important to incorporate exterior products that provide shade. Awnings , solar screens, and outdoor curtains are useful accessories for any home or business. Keep reading to find out why:

    It Creates a Comfortable Outdoor Area
    Whether you are a home or business owner, adding shade products to your property helps you and others enjoy sitting outside throughout the year. Custom awnings and solar screens make it more comfortable to sit outdoors and offer necessary sun protection. Shade products also give your guests the option of sitting outside even if it starts to rain.

    It Protects Outdoor Furniture
    Outdoor furniture is extremely susceptible to the elements, especially when it is not properly protected. Offer your furniture a barrier against the weather by incorporating shade products into your exterior design. Residential and commercial awnings, Roman shades, and outdoor curtains help you protect your investment and extend the life of your furniture.

    It Adds Aesthetic Appeal to a Space
    One of the biggest benefits of using shade products on your property is the added aesthetic appeal that they bring. With stylish custom awning designs, you can choose colors and patterns that meet your own aesthetic preferences and create a mood in your outdoor area. Whether you are designing a restaurant, a business, or your own backyard, shade products help you bring the style.

    Turn to Moran Canvas Products for all of your outdoor shade needs. With a product line that ranges from awnings to pool cabanas, we can easily meet all of your exterior design needs. Our patio covers, Roman shades, sun shade sails, and outdoor curtains provide style, function, and plenty of shade. For more information on our products and services, visit our website or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Keep Your Furniture Safe from Sun Damage

    Protecting your furniture from sun damage can offer the ideal opportunity to incorporate even more style into a design. Products like solar shades, outdoor curtains, and Roman shades help you keep harmful UV rays away from your furniture while adding a new element of aesthetic appeal to a space. Check out this video to learn more about keeping furniture safe from sun damage.

    Moran Canvas Products has the selection you need to create your ideal outdoor space. With custom awnings, patio covers, and solar shades, we help you bring more style and function to a décor. For more information on our products and services, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Go Green with a New Awning!

    Mitered Awning for Home San Carlos Area

    Did you know that awnings are an environmentally friendly, effective way to save money on energy costs? From reducing air conditioning bills to providing a shady respite from the blazing sun, residential awnings are a great way to make your home greener. Consider the following advantages of going green and reducing your cooling bill by installing a new awning at your home .

    Save on Air Conditioning Costs
    Awnings provide shade by extending outward and downward, blocking direct sunlight from entering your home. They significantly reduce heat gain, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable home environment. Since a sizable percentage of unwanted heat in the home comes from windows, awnings greatly reduce air conditioning costs by providing an affordable, efficient way to shade windows and block the sun.

    Reflect Sunlight Away from Your Home
    Awnings offer an attractive, practical alternative to keeping your home cool when the sun shines bright and temperatures soar. Light-colored awnings are especially effective because they reflect light away from your home, keeping it cooler and increasing your savings on energy bills.

    Store Easily for the Winter
    Awnings are portable and removable, so once summer ends and warmer temperatures drop, your awning can be easily stored in your garage or shed for winter. Some awnings are even retractable, so they can be removed and folded up during cooler seasons and set up again to help combat heat gain in the home when warmer weather returns.

    Are you considering going green with a new awning? If so, contact Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665. A family-owned and operated business since 1988, we offer a variety of outdoor custom canvas products, including residential and commercial awnings, retractable solar screens, and cabanas for customers living in the San Diego area. Call or visit our website today to find out more about our handcrafted products and special offers!