• Tips for Designing a Business Awning

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    A commercial awning can increase a company’s visibility, helping it reach a broader audience base, expand its business, and generate buzz. If you make a few mistakes, however, and an awning may not have the impact you are hoping for. To ensure that the commercial awning you design is a boon for your business, consider the following factors throughout the design process.


    It has become increasingly clear that marketing is important for business, and many executives, managers, and marketing teams are fastidiously studying color psychology . Think about the colors of your logo and how they work for you. Think about the impression you want others to have of your business. Research your color options, and make strategic decisions concerning the colors on your awning.


    Commercial awnings are multipurpose. They are perhaps most prominently used to mark a business’s location and draw attention from passersby who may not have heard of the company otherwise. They can also be used to protect outdoor displays from the glaring sun and damaging rain.

    Text and Images

    A commercial awning is a great place for your company’s name and logo, as long as the name and logo have proven effective in some capacity and you anticipate that they will remain unchanged for some time. To avoid making your awning seem too busy, keep your text or images relatively simple.


    Once you have a general idea of the design you would like to use, seek out an experienced commercial awning design and installation team that has a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. A custom awning specialist can help you fine tune your design or adapt the design you have created to suit the material of your choosing.

    If your operations are based in the San Diego area and you wish to design a commercial awning, call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665. We use only the finest canvas in our custom awnings , we have more than 20 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • A Look at Moran Canvas Products’ Security Policy

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    At Moran Canvas Products in La Mesa, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. If you are considering having a custom awning or solar screen designed for your property, and would like to control the personal information you share with the purveyor of your awning or screen, consider working with us.

    All information we receive from you is vigilantly protected both off and online. We never share it without your permission, and we respect your right to ask us to delete this information at any time. If you do not wish to receive messages about special promotions or new products and services, you can opt out so that we will not contact you unless you contact us first.

    Transparency is important to Moran Canvas Products , and we welcome any questions you may have about our security policy. To speak with a member of our family-owned and operated business about our security policy, our first-rate products, or our range of awning design and installation services, call our San Diego office at (888) 904-8665.

  • Reasons to Invest in a Retractable Awning

    Residential Retractable Awning-Moran Canvas

    Well-made and professionally installed awnings are a great addition to any backyard. They provide all the benefits associated with porch coverings and intractable awnings without the annoyances caused by these coverings’ inflexibility. Invest in a retractable awning , and you can reap the following benefits:

    Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

    With a retractable awning, you get to choose how you spend your outdoor time. If the sun isn’t too strong, or if you feel like soaking it up, you can roll your awning in and enjoy the sun’s rays. If it’s too hot and sunny, or if it’s raining but the outdoors still look inviting, you can enjoy your yard from the dry and comfortable living space you create under your awning.

    Shade Yourself

    Even when the temperature outside feels perfect, the San Diego sun can be pretty strong. Having a retractable awning enables you to easily shield yourself from the sun’s rays once you feel that you’ve accumulated enough vitamin D for one day. An awning won’t just help reduce your risk of skin cancer; it can also provide you with a great setting for reading, napping, or entertaining outside.

    Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

    Sun and rain have both been known to damage patio furniture. A retractable awning can help you shield your outdoor furnishings from these elements while giving you the opportunity to retract the awning and enjoy that same furniture beneath the sun or night sky without having to move it around your yard.

    The San Diego area is known for having beautiful weather year round. If you live in San Diego, Coronado, or El Cajon and would like to increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space, rain or shine, Moran Canvas Products can help. To speak with an experienced custom residential awning professional about our retractable awnings, pool cabanas, outdoor curtains, and other backyard shade products, call (888) 904-8665.

  • Creating an Inviting Patio Space

    HGTV is known for featuring some of the most impressive home renovation projects carried out anywhere, and the three highlighted in this video are no exceptions. For some inspiration that will help you seamlessly incorporate a custom awning and solar screen into your outdoor living area, click play.

    From a fully equipped outdoor kitchen to zen water features, the improvements featured in this clip have broad appeal. The experts who comment on them have also analyzed the return on investment that each renovation yields in the form of increased home value, and that too is impressive.

    Are you looking to transform your San Diego backyard? To work with a fully licensed and certified outdoor living expert who specializes in custom awnings and solar shades , call Moran Canvas Products at (888) 904-8665.