• The Difference Between Retractable and Fixed Awnings

    Cafe Light

    An awning is a fantastic investment that can bring attention to your business or shade to your home. When it comes to getting an awning, however, you need to decide if a retractable or fixed awning will be better for your needs. Continue reading below to learn about the key differences between retractable and fixed awnings :


    One of the main ways retractable and fixed awnings differ is in mobility. Retractable awnings can be moved up or down, depending on a person’s preferences, by simply pushing a button. This feature can be tremendously useful when the weather changes, as the awning can be put up on sunny days and pulled down on cloudy ones. Unlike retractable awnings, fixed awnings are immobile and cannot be moved.


    Retractable and fixed awnings also differ slightly in appearance. For the most part, retractable awnings have a thinner, sleeker look that is ideal for cafes and residential back porches . In contrast, fixed awnings have a large, prominent appearance and come in more color and design options than retractable awnings. This is a main reason why fixed awnings are often installed above shop and store fronts.


    Both retractable and fixed awnings will last a long time if properly taken care of. However, fixed awnings have a slight advantage over retractable awnings when it comes to durability. While fixed awnings can handle harsh wind and rain without much of a problem, retractable awnings need to be put down when fierce storms come around to avoid being damaged.

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  • Creating Shade on a Sunny Patio

    Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing on the patio on a warm sunny day. When the sun starts getting hot, however, having shade available is extremely beneficial.

    If you would like to learn some helpful tips for creating shade on a sunny patio, check out this short video. An architect discusses how she transformed her ordinary home patio into a shady paradise that the whole family enjoys. After watching, you might even get some ideas of your own on how to turn your patio into a nice shady haven.

    Handling home improvement projects can be tough; if you ever need assistance with shading your home or backyard, call Moran Canvas Products. We are committed to providing quality in all of our services, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with our finished product. To learn more about our selection of custom residential awnings , call (888) 904-8665.

  • How Solar Shades Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

    Wide open window

    On warm days, it’s nice to let sunlight in through the windows to brighten up the house. Allowing too much sunlight to come indoors, however, can lead to energy bill increases, carpet damage, and a number of other problems. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by installing solar shades in your house. These are some of the ways solar shades can help keep your home cool:

     Better Insulation

    Solar shades are popular because they provide the home with extra insulation. When these shades are down during the summer months, heat and ultraviolet rays cannot come into the house. Similarly, less cooled air escapes through the shaded windows. This makes the home feel cooler and more comfortable during the summer.

     Improved Air Conditioner Function

    Air conditioners are usually effective at keeping the house nice and cool. But in the warmer months, solar radiation can enter through windows and bring heat into the house, making an air conditioning system work harder. Because solar shades block outside heat, air conditioners do not have to labor to keep the house at a comfortable indoor temperature, resulting in cooler indoor air and lower energy bills.

     Block UV Rays

    Solar shades are very effective at blocking the sun’s UV rays, which are responsible for heating up houses. On average, the typical solar shade can keep 90% of ultraviolet radiation out of the house. While solar shades keep heat out, they do not block sunlight or window views, which is why these shades have become very popular with modern homeowners.

     Solar shades can make a great addition to any home. If you would like to have solar shades installed in your residence , call the professionals at Moran Canvas Products. We have a large selection of solar shades to suit your design preferences, and we are dedicated to making our valued customers happy. For more information about our products, stop by our website or call us at (888) 904-8665. 

  • A Brief Look at Roman Horizontal Shades


    Have you ever wanted a patio covering that could provide both shade and sunlight when you wanted it? You should think about getting roman horizontal shades, which are some of the most unique patio coverings available. Roman horizontal shades consist of heavy-duty pieces of fabric that are connected together to form a covering over backyard spaces, patios, and other areas. In addition to being very easy to open and close, Roman horizontal shades can be installed in little time. The best feature of these shades, however, is their beautiful appearance. They will surely capture the attention of guests visiting your home.

    Whether you want Roman horizontal shades installed in your backyard or a retractable patio awning put in, call Moran Canvas Products today. For over two decades, our staff has been providing our valued customers with exceptional awning and solar screen installation services. Schedule an appointment with us by calling our office at (888) 904-8665.