• Getting to Know Moran Canvas


    Moran Canvas Products is dedicated to offering the best craftsmanship and customer service on canvas products in the San Diego area. With generations of experience and a huge variety of residential and commercial products, we make it easy to find what you need to enhance your outdoor area.

    Michael Moran has been involved in the canvas industry since his grandfather opened his own company. He has been a Master Fabric Craftsman since 1994. Today, his business is committed to providing products of the highest quality to offer customers the sun protection they need for their properties. Whether you want to choose one of our designs or create something on your own, Moran Canvas Products is here for you.

    Come to Moran Canvas Products today to see some of the best residential and commercial awnings, shade sails, and solar shades in the area. We can also create custom products that completely meet your needs to ensure that you always get exactly what you want. For more information on the company or our products, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Inside the Shade Sail Design Process

    shade sails

    Sun shade sails bring extra sun protection and a unique aesthetic appeal that can instantly enhance your property. With material that can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes, these shades can be catered to your specific decorating needs. Keep reading to learn more about the design process so you can create the perfect option for your property:

    Deciding on the Best Way to Shade

    Before you have the sun shade sails installed, it is important to find the right placement that will offer the ideal amount of shade. Talk to the designers about how different shapes and configurations will change the way the shade falls on your property. This gives you the opportunity to shade the hottest parts of your outdoor area without interrupting the flow of the natural light where you want it.

    Choosing the Right Colors

    Sun shade sails come in a variety of colors , which means you have the choice you need to design a product that complements the rest of your outdoor area. If you already have a bright, eclectic color scheme running throughout the yard, you might want to choose an exciting color like blue for your shade sails. If you want use them to add an understated aesthetic appeal, however, you might want to consider choosing more neutral tones.

    Working with Your Architecture

    The swooping shape of a sun shade sail is the ideal complement to contemporary architecture. Find shapes and sizes that work well with the modern design of your home so you can enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a more interesting visual statement for your property.

    San Diego’s own Moran Canvas Products has been an industry leader in creating quality canvas products since 1988. If you want to add sun shade sails, awnings, or solar screens to your property, we can help. To learn more about our wide variety of canvas products or to start designing your own sun shade sails, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.

  • Design Inspiration for Your New Awning

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    When you opt for custom awnings , you are in control of the design process. Since you can choose the materials, colors, and shape of the product, you can make an awning that works for you. Create an awning that complements your exterior design while offering protection from the elements to improve your curb appeal and the function of your property. Keep reading for some design inspiration to get you started on the process:

    Patterned Products

    If you want to add some visual stimulation to your outdoor area, you might want to opt for an awning with a colorful pattern. From simple stripes to fancy and elaborate designs, there is an endless array of patterns from which to choose. Look through the company’s past designs to try to find a style that brings something new to your current exterior design.

    Simple Additions

    If you prefer to keep your accessories simple, you can choose a custom awning in a bold color . From royal blue to maroon, you can find bold, simple colors that add a subtle visual appeal to your outdoor area. You might want to bring a picture of your yard or patio when you start shopping for an awning to ensure that you choose a color that really enhances the rest of your decorative features.

    Unique Shapes

    The shape of your awning can completely change its aesthetic effect. From the traditional overhanging awning to an elaborate bell shape, you can choose a shape that instantly commands the attention of anyone who walks onto your property. Spend some time choosing a shape that creates the aesthetic that you want for your outdoor area.

    With the help of Moran Canvas Products, you can design the ideal custom awning for your needs. Whether you are shopping for residential or commercial products , we promise to offer you the extensive customer service and attention to detail that you need to optimize the style and function of your exterior design. For more information on our products and services, check out our website or call (888) 904-8665.

  • The Process of Installing Shade Sails

    When installing sun shade sails on your property, you should spend some time finding the ideal location that creates the kind of shade you want for your yard. There are apps you can download that tell you the exact position of the sun at every time of the year to help you choose the right spot for you shade sails.

    These sun-smart products are stylish and functional enough to optimize your outdoor area and help you get the most use out of it. Check out this video to learn more about the sun shade sail installation process.

    Come to Moran Canvas Products to start shopping for sun shade sails, awnings, and solar shades that enhance your property and make you feel more comfortable at your home or business. For more information on our products and services in the San Diego area, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.