Inside the Shade Sail Design Process

shade sails

Sun shade sails bring extra sun protection and a unique aesthetic appeal that can instantly enhance your property. With material that can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes, these shades can be catered to your specific decorating needs. Keep reading to learn more about the design process so you can create the perfect option for your property:

Deciding on the Best Way to Shade

Before you have the sun shade sails installed, it is important to find the right placement that will offer the ideal amount of shade. Talk to the designers about how different shapes and configurations will change the way the shade falls on your property. This gives you the opportunity to shade the hottest parts of your outdoor area without interrupting the flow of the natural light where you want it.

Choosing the Right Colors

Sun shade sails come in a variety of colors , which means you have the choice you need to design a product that complements the rest of your outdoor area. If you already have a bright, eclectic color scheme running throughout the yard, you might want to choose an exciting color like blue for your shade sails. If you want use them to add an understated aesthetic appeal, however, you might want to consider choosing more neutral tones.

Working with Your Architecture

The swooping shape of a sun shade sail is the ideal complement to contemporary architecture. Find shapes and sizes that work well with the modern design of your home so you can enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a more interesting visual statement for your property.

San Diego’s own Moran Canvas Products has been an industry leader in creating quality canvas products since 1988. If you want to add sun shade sails, awnings, or solar screens to your property, we can help. To learn more about our wide variety of canvas products or to start designing your own sun shade sails, visit us online or call (888) 904-8665.

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