Design Ideas for Your New Roman Shades

Residential Horizontal Roman Shades 2

Roman shades can be a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor area. Their unique design can enhance your backyard or your commercial property. If you want to incorporate these shade fixtures into your outdoor design, use the following tips to get the exact look you want.

Keep It Classic

White is a simple and classic color that creates a blank canvas for the rest of your exterior design. If you want the freedom to choose bright colors or bold patterns for the rest of your outdoor area, you might want to choose subtle, classic Roman shades in a neutral color like white. With this basic foundation, you can get creative with outdoor furniture choices and optimize the decorating potential of your outdoor area.

Let the Shades Serve as a Focal Point

If you want to bring more attention to your Roman shades, you should choose a material with a fun pattern or color. When you use the Roman shades as the focal point of your yard, you can easily design around them. Brightly colored or boldly patterned shades can instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

Use a Few Different Kinds of Shades

Another way to add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor area is to incorporate a few different kinds of Roman shades. Place one type over your patio to create a cover that makes it more convenient than ever to sit outside. Attach a simpler variety of Roman shades to the exterior of your windows to keep your interior safe from the sun while enhancing your exterior design.

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