Tips for Choosing Window Treatments


The way you decorate your home can say a lot about your personality. If you are considering revamping your home’s style, you’ll have many choices to make. In addition to selecting a decorating style, furniture, and accessories, you should consider what type of window treatments would work best for your home. Drapes, curtains, and blinds are all options, as are custom awnings and solar screens to give your home added style. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to choose window treatments.

Consider Light

You may have several different types of window treatments throughout your home, as your needs vary from room to room. Window treatments help you control the amount of light that enters your home, so you may wish to have different window treatments in your bedroom than in your living room. Many homeowners prefer to have light-blocking window treatments in the bedroom so that they are not awakened too early. It can be pleasant to have window treatments that let in more light in areas such as the kitchen and living room, as natural light makes your home feel more inviting. You may want to consider using solar screens to reduce glare and minimize fading of home furnishings, especially on windows that face south or west.

Think about Privacy

Your windows allow you to see the world outside and appreciate a beautiful day, but a bare window doesn’t give you very much privacy. Awnings will give you a bit of added privacy when they are used in combination with curtains, drapes, or blinds. You’ll probably want to have window treatments that offer the most privacy in your home’s bedrooms and bathrooms.

Find Your Ideal Style

There are window treatments available in many different styles, so be sure to look for ones that make sense with your décor. Consider color, fabric, and texture when you look for window treatments so that your interior design has a unified look.

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