Understanding the Dangers of Sun Exposure


Although many people enjoy the feeling of the sun on their face, regular exposure to the sun’s rays can actually be quite dangerous. Use this guide to learn about the dangers of sun exposure and why you should protect your home and family with products that can block out these harmful rays without sacrificing your ability to enjoy time outside.

It Causes Wrinkles

Many people associate sun-kissed skin with health. In actuality, any sign of a sunburn or a tan is evidence of skin damage that can prematurely age the face. The more time you spend in the sun, the higher your chance of developing wrinkles that could make you look much older than you actually are. UV light from the sun destroys the elastin in your skin, and once this is gone, your skin will begin to sag and lose its ability to move back into place. You should wear sunscreen and a hat when you go outside for long periods of time to limit your skin’s sun exposure, and try to stay in the shade.

It Causes Freckles and Discoloration

If you spend a lot of time in the sun , you might notice new spots developing on your skin. Many people who sit outside for hours start to get freckles that they never had before. Regular exposure to the sun can also cause uneven skin discoloration, which negatively affects your whole complexion.

It Increases the Risk for Skin Cancer

The most significant danger of spending too much time in the sun is how it increases your risk of developing skin cancer. UV light can cause pre-cancerous lesions across your skin. Without the proper attention, these lesions might turn into skin cancer, which can seriously threaten your health.

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