Exploring the Benefits of Backyard Shade Sails

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Is there an area of your patio or backyard that you wish had more shade, but where canvas awnings aren’t an option or you’d like to incorporate a more modern look? Consider shade sails! Backyard shade sails bring a number of benefits for your family and home, and can be taken down when you do want some extra sun—unlike other options that serve similar purposes. Best of all, you won’t have to wait years for shade like you would if you planted shade trees. Continue reading to find out more.

UV Protection

High-quality shade sails can block up to 90 percent of UV rays, so you’re getting true sun protection in addition to a cooler, more comfortable environment. This makes shade sails an ideal option for areas where children play, as well as in areas where you do a lot of entertaining. Of course, it’s always prudent to wear sunscreen any time you go outdoors, but shade sails can give you extra peace of mind about your sun protection.

Modern Appearance

Shade sails are particularly good choices for modern architecture, as they blend in with and complement the style perfectly. Their geometric appearance lends an ultra-modern look even in neutral colors, but the opportunity to go for bold shades definitely exists and is a great way to create a progressive tone for your home and landscaping.


When you choose shade sails with advanced engineering from a reputable provider, they can last for 20 years, and sometimes even longer with proper care. While shade sails do stand up to sun and the elements well, you shouldn’t depend on them to provide protection from the rain. Some shade sails do have waterproofing that protects them from the collection of water, but you’re still likely to get wet if you stand under them in a storm.

At Moran Canvas Products, we provide high-quality shade sails in addition to window solar screens, awnings, and other canvas products. Visit us online to learn more or give us a call at (888) 904-8665 with any questions.

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