What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades San Diego You may be familiar with awnings, patio covers, and outdoor curtains in San Diego, but what about Roman shades? While many Roman shades are for window coverings, unique horizontal Roman shades exist. But why should you get them? Many other popular options exist, and there are several reasons you should give them a look. If you have not found the perfect patio covering yet, you may be in luck.

They are versatile.

Unlike traditional plastic, metal, or wooden shades, Roman shades are often made of fabric, and are easily customizable. It would probably be more difficult to find a Roman shade that does not work for your living space than to find one that doesn’t. Whether on a window or not, the look of soft, draping fabric where people are used to seeing hard wood or stiff awnings can be that perfect complement to your outdoor patio design.

They are convenient.

Roman shades can be adjusted to cover as much of the patio as you would like covered to allow for differing light conditions. Alternatively, they can be made from a thin fabric that allows some light through even when the shades are fully extended. Compare the elegant look of an adjusted Roman shade to that of a half-retracted awning. A fixed patio cover may also look nice, but it will not allow you to easily alter the amount of sunlight you enjoy on your patio.

They are long lasting.

Not only do Roman shades look right in just about any environment, they also look great in any decade. Some patio shade options will go out of style and make your home look dated, but Roman shades have been around for quite some time and have never fallen out of vogue. If you choose a fabric that is durable and not too trendy, your Roman shades could outlast most of your home’s décor.

As you can see, Roman shades offer a flexibility in form and function that few other patio products can offer. If you are in the market to improve or finish your patio, Roman shades may be just the thing you are looking for. To find out more about Roman shades, installation, and other home improvements , call Moran Canvas at (619) 462-7778.

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