Tropical Decorating Ideas for Your Awning

tropical decorating ideas for your awning Awnings are a great addition to any patio, and you can make your canvas awning truly unique by adding your own personal style. For example, you can add a tropical look to your awning to make your patio space feel like a true paradise.

Personalize It with Paint

A great way to personalize your patio awning is to decorate it with paint. The first step you’ll need to take is to wash the awning. Paint doesn’t adhere well to dirty surfaces, so wash the awning in your washing machine. Once the awning is washed, stretch it back on its frame and let it dry for a day or two; the awning must be completely dry before you paint it. Next, you can go shopping at a craft store and choose some stencils. Pick out fun flowers, colorful birds, and other things that look cheerful and tropical to you. You will also need to get paint that is intended for outdoor use or it will not survive the sun and rain. Choose cheerful colors like turquoise, pink, orange, and red. After the paint is completely dry, seal the awning with an appropriate sealant that will keep the paint safe from the sun and rain.

Add Tropical Décor

The décor you choose for the patio space beneath your awning can also be used to give it a tropical flair. You can wrap the legs of patio furniture in plastic vines to increase the tropical atmosphere . Consider purchasing a few tropical potted plants that will do well in the shaded area under your awning. You can also choose furniture upholstery in bright colors and bold prints to lend a tropical touch to your awning.

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