• Answering Common Questions About Shade Sails

    Shade sails are becoming more and more popular as a form of easy, convenient sun shade for your home or patio. With such varied color, size, and style options, sun shade sails can complement any home’s design. Sail shade installation is simple and quick, making shade sails an overall winner over many other forms of sun shades. Here are answers to some common questions about shade sails.

    Is Sail Shade Installation Difficult?

    Shade sails are very easy to install with help from a friend. Your shade sail must be anchored at strategic points to ensure that it’s secure, and that it provides ample sun shade. Shade sails can be attached to your house, as long as you don’t attach them to the roof or siding. Anchor your shade sail to the frame or structure of your home. One corner of your shade sail can be floated over an area using rope or cable.

    How Durable Are Shade Sails?

    Shade sails are extremely durable, and are made to withstand extreme wind and weather. In general, shade sails last between five and eight years, depending upon how well they are installed, how large they are, and what elements they are exposed to. If you routinely check your sail shade installation to make sure the shade sail is firmly anchored, and clean your shade sail yearly with a garden hose, you can preserve its lifespan.

    What Color and Fabric Options Are Available?

    Shade sails are available in monotec sun shade cloth, and comshade sun shade cloth. Both materials are durable and easy to maintain. Monotec and comshade fabrics are available in a wide variety of colors, though the sun shade factor may vary slightly depending upon the color chosen. All colors available block 90-96% of UV rays.

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  • Tips for Using Fabric in Your Outdoor Space

    If you’re embarking on an outdoor home improvement project, you should consider sun shade installation to provide valuable shade for your home and patio. Sun shades, such as sail shades, cabanas, patio covers, and backyard awnings, are available in a variety of beautiful colors and fabrics that will instantly revamp your outdoor aesthetic.

    Watch this video for more tips on how to use fabric in your outdoor home improvement project. Home improvement expert Genevieve Gorder discusses your options for sun shade fabrics, styles, and designs.

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