• Patio Design Inspiration

    When you sit down on your patio to relax, you should feel at peace. One way to make sure you’re comfortable is to check out the patio covers and awnings that you can add to your outdoor space. Adding plants and a water feature are some of the other custom projects that can transform your patio into an outdoor oasis!

    Watch this video to see additional projects you can tackle on your patio to make it more relaxing. Whether you are interested in creating custom patio covers to block out the sun or you want to plant small trees to muffle sounds, there are steps you can take to improve your outdoor living area.

    To find out more about patio cover installation near San Diego, CA, call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778. We offer a wide selection of patio covers , awnings, sun shade sails, solar shades, and more!

  • Tips for Using an Awning to Advertise Your Business

    If you own a business and you want to start attracting more customers to it, taking a look at awnings to add to your storefront is a great way to do it. Not only will fixed awnings provide shade for your store and protect customers from the elements, but it will also help you advertise for your business on a daily basis. Prior to picking out the perfect awning for your store, you should think about the different ways you plan to use it. Here are some tips to help you successfully utilize an awning for advertising purposes.

    Announce Your Presence with Your Awning

    Is your store buried within a clump of other stores? Having awning installation done is one of the easiest ways to make your store stand out! While other stores may opt for signs, a good awning will catch the eye of customers and invite them to come to your store. Even if your business is small and the store itself isn’t large, an awning can make a big difference for your company.

    Brand Your Business and Show Your Logo Off to the World with Your Awning

    Having a great store name and logo is important, but it’s even more important for people to be able to see the name and logo. By purchasing an awning, you will give yourself a place to display your name and logo . You will also give yourself a place to put your business phone number, website, hours, and any other relevant information.

    Let Potential Customers Know What You are all About With Your Awning

    Awnings can be customized with all sorts of colors and designs. This will allow you to show off the personality of your business. Without even stepping foot in your store, people will know what your business is all about simply by looking at your commercial awning!

    Moran Canvas Products can help you create a custom awning designed specifically for your business. You can find out how to advertise your company with a commercial awning in San Diego, CA by calling (619) 462-7778 for more information.

  • What Are the Benefits of an Awning for Your Business?

    Commercial awnings offer a number of advantages to businesses. Commercial awning installation provides highly visible advertising to your business, and also offers sun shade to employees and customers. Here are some of the biggest benefits of awning installation for businesses.

    Lower Your Energy Bills

    Awnings provide sun shade for your building, protecting it from heat gain during the hottest parts of the day. This makes your business much more comfortable and hospitable for customers, and reduces your cooling costs. Your cooling system will be much more energy-efficient if it isn’t competing with the heat gains from the harsh rays of the sun. Make sure that your awning installation is completed strategically so that you maximize your energy-efficient benefits.

    Expand Outdoor Spaces

    Retractable and fixed awning installation provides ample sun shade for your customers. If your business is a restaurant, café, or provides outdoor seating for customers, awnings will allow you to expand your outdoor seating now that you have more sun shade. Even for business without outdoor seating, awning installation allows you to host promotional events or sidewalk sales outdoors, which can draw in more customers.

    Advertise Your Business

    One of the most obvious benefits of commercial awning installation is the ability to advertise on your awning. Place your business logo and name on an eye-catching commercial awning to attract new customers. Your awning can even improve the overall aesthetic of your storefront, giving it a makeover or upgrade that will catch customers’ attention.

    At Moran Canvas, we offer professional commercial awning installation near San Diego at an affordable cost. Our commercial awnings can be customized with your business’ colors and logos, and will maximize your business’s street visibility. We sell retractable and fixed awnings for businesses, and also provide interior and exterior solar screen installation and patio covers to further maximize your business’s energy efficiency. For more information about our other custom projects, call us today at (619) 462-7778.

  • Strategies for Cleaning Your Shade Sails

    If you live in a region that experiences heavy wind and rain, your sun shade sails can eventually become muddied and dirty. With the proper care and maintenance, shade sails are durable enough that they can provide sun shade for your home and patio for five to eight years. You should also clean your shade sail once or twice a year to preserve its beauty and longevity.

    To clean your shade sail, you must first disconnect it from its anchors. You can spray it gently with a hose to rid it of caked on dirt, dust, and debris. Clean the shade sail with a large sponge and soapy water. Simply rub the shade sail gently with a soapy sponge to clean off mud and dirt. After cleaning, rinse off the soap with your garden hose. Let the shade sail dry in the sun, and then re-install it.

    For sail shades, patio covers, cabanas, and other customized sun shades in San Diego , come see us at Moran Canvas. Our outdoor home improvement options will lower your energy bills, protect your home, and provide valuable sun shade. For more information, call us today at (619) 462-7778.