Strategies for Cleaning Your Shade Sails

If you live in a region that experiences heavy wind and rain, your sun shade sails can eventually become muddied and dirty. With the proper care and maintenance, shade sails are durable enough that they can provide sun shade for your home and patio for five to eight years. You should also clean your shade sail once or twice a year to preserve its beauty and longevity.

To clean your shade sail, you must first disconnect it from its anchors. You can spray it gently with a hose to rid it of caked on dirt, dust, and debris. Clean the shade sail with a large sponge and soapy water. Simply rub the shade sail gently with a soapy sponge to clean off mud and dirt. After cleaning, rinse off the soap with your garden hose. Let the shade sail dry in the sun, and then re-install it.

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