Choosing the Right Awnings and Shades for Your Patio

By adding awnings and shades to your patio, you can limit the amount of sun exposure that you get when you use it. In order to have a successful awning installation, you should consider what type of awning you want, where you want it to be located, and how it can be used most effectively. Here are questions you should ask yourself before installing awnings and shades.

Where Do You Need Shade the Most Throughout the Day?

Depending on where your patio is located, it may get hit with sunshine all day long or you may only need to use awnings and shades for a part of the day to provide the shade you need. Additionally, there may be a certain section of your patio that could benefit most from awning installation. Prior to picking out an awning, spend some time documenting where the sun shines on your patio throughout a typical day.

How Much Shade Do You Actually Want?

Awnings and shades come in all different shapes and sizes. Some patio awnings can cover an entire patio, while others will only cover a portion of it. Your awning should reflect your individual needs and be custom made to fit your patio. If there is a certain section of it that you use to eat regularly, consider covering that part as opposed to the part you use to sunbathe. By putting thought into the placement of your residential awning, you will ultimately find that you will enjoy it more!

What Do You Want Your Awnings and Shades to Look Like?

The awnings and shades that you install in your patio area are likely going to define your entire backyard space. Make sure you like the look of them, and try to pick out an awning cover that matches your home and fits the entire feel of it.

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