• Designing a Patio Cover

    Adding a patio to your home is a great way to bring more function to your outdoor space and to potentially increase the value of your home. When adding a patio, it is important to design a patio cover to match the existing style of the home.

    Watch this video for tips on patio cover design and adding a balcony to your home. With just a few simple tips, you can create your own outdoor home improvement project.

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  • Creative Ideas for Your Backyard Awning Installation

    Homeowners can easily extend living space to the backyard with the addition of a backyard awning. When people think of awnings, most people think of patio covers. While that is one of the many versatile uses of awnings , a backyard awning can vary depending on what type of awning is installed. For inspiration for your custom project, read on.

    Select a Style That Reflects Your Own Personal Style

    With awnings, there are a number of different choices available to fit anyone’s style preferences. Find a backyard awning that matches the style and architecture of your home so that the awning extends the living space to outside. You and your guests will feel at home in your backyard all year round with an awning that matches the rest of your home.

    Explore Different Materials and Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Materials

    Backyard awnings not only come in all different shapes and sizes, but materials as well. Canvas materials come in a variety of colors. If wood is more your style, you can build a stand-alone shade structure similar to a gazebo or pergola. Awnings can be made of fiberglass or aluminum for more permanent structures that are more durable than other options.

    Consider Different Placements

    The placement of your backyard awning will depend mostly on what type of awning it is. If it is a fixed awning or retractable awning, it will likely be placed alongside the back or side of your house—depending on where your patio is. If your backyard allows for it and you have the space, consider a stand-alone option. Not only will it provide shade and a comfortable outdoor space, but it will also be a great garden feature.

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  • Cabana Design Ideas

    An outdoor cabana can transform any backyard into a resort-style oasis. Having a cabana next to your pool gives you and your guests a place to change into bathing suits, access all the pool necessities, as well as a place to store pool furniture and equipment when not in use. A cabana can also be decorated with outdoor curtains to match your own personal style. When it comes to cabana design, your options are endless.

    When designing your own cabana, think about the style of your home and how to extend that style into the backyard. Choose an idea that reflects your personal style as well as a design that blends in with the landscape. Think about what function you want out of your cabana and incorporate those ideas into the overall design.

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