What Are the Benefits of Roman Shades?

Any kind of shade is beneficial, no matter where you’re located. If you live in a particularly sunny area, though, your family and your backyard will benefit greatly from a professional sun shade installation. When you’re in the market for outdoor home improvement, take a look at Roman shades as a possibility to cover your patio.

Block UV Radiation

The great thing about having a patio cover is the UV protection it provides. You, your family, and any guests you entertain can rest assured under a beautiful Roman shade. You’ll receive the benefits of a gorgeous sunny day, without the harmful effects that UV rays can cause.

Easily Change Direction

One of the more frustrating aspects of certain shade styles or umbrellas is the difficulty in changing its direction to block or let in the sun. With Roman shades, you’ll never have that problem. Due to their horizontal “wave” design, Roman shades are easily retracted or extended to take full benefit of the sun or block the patio from it. You can also move the shades only a fraction if you prefer. Roman shades are a versatile shade for the owner who wants to be in control.

Easily Installed and Maintained

Most shades are made to withstand the light of the sun, as well as possible rain damage. Roman shades don’t require much maintenance at all, and they’re easily installed. Due to their wave-like design and retractable construction, most of the fabric is loose or in pleats. There is very little structure required to install these exceptional shades.

Interesting Conversation Starter

When you’re having a barbecue, why not make a great conversation piece out of your beautiful Roman shades? With their unique design and colors, you’re sure to turn many of your friends on to this great patio cover.

At Moran Canvas Products, we believe in style and protection for you and your patio. We have many products from outdoor curtains to Roman shades in San Diego, CA. Stop by our showroom or call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn about your shading options.

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