• Choosing the Size for Your Retail Store Awning

    Awnings are a great way to increase retail business visibility and draw both new and returning customers through your doors. Choosing the right retail store awning means selecting a product in a size and style that suits your business’ image and needs. Your awning should complement your existing signage, so look to the size of your current signs to determine how large an area you want your awning to cover. Additionally, the size of your awning will affect its function—a larger awning offers cover for pedestrians and clients entering and exiting your store, while a smaller design will act as a more decorative addition to your retail store’s façade. You may also need to check local building or property codes to ensure your awning meets any size requirements or restrictions laid out in these documents.

    At Moran Canvas Products, we are pleased to offer commercial awnings in San Diego, CA to add personality, visibility, and functionality to your retail storefront. You can browse our selection of commercial patio covers and awnings when you visit us online, or call (619) 462-7778 for more information or advice to help you choose the best awnings for your property.

  • What Color Awning Should You Choose for Your Pool?

    Pool and patio awnings add beauty and contribute valuable shade to your San Diego yard. When choosing a sun shade or cabana for your pool , color is an important feature that will influence the final result of your home improvement project. Keep reading to learn more about the factors to consider when choosing a color for your new pool awning or shade.

    Consider Your Home’s Color and Style

    The color of your pool awning should complement the color and style of your home and yard. When choosing a color for your awning, look to the exterior features you love most to draw inspiration for your awning’s color. Traditional homes and yards often work well with dark, neutral, or earthy colors, such as navy, forest green, and tan. These colors will imbue your yard with a more classical and sophisticated feel. Conversely, a stucco or Southwestern-styled home may benefit from an awning with a softer or brighter color, such as red, yellow, or green, which offsets the neutral, earthy color of the home itself and brightens your backyard space for a more vibrant and fun poolside experience.

    Consider Your Landscaping and Furnishings

    Your landscaping and poolside furnishings should also figure into your final awning color choice. Selecting an awning with a similar fabric color or pattern as your furniture will create a finished, integrated look around the pool area reminiscent of upscale hotel-style spas. Alternatively, looking to your favorite landscaping features can offer colors that make your awning blend with the other organic elements of your yard to create a hidden getaway that mixes comfort and convenience with natural appeal.

    Are you considering the benefits of pool awning installation in San Diego, CA? At Moran Canvas Products, we carry a wide variety of residential awnings and sun shade sails to completely customize the look of your property, including pool shades and retractable patio covers. You can find out more about our products and installation services on the web, or give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to explore your options.

  • See How One Designer Worked with Sunbrella’s Fabric Patterns

    Sunbrella fabric is an awning material designed using pigmented acrylic fibers. Awnings made with Sunbrella fabrics have all the softness and visual appeal of cotton material, but won’t fade with the sun or degrade due to weathering over time.

    This video features a space created by designer Thom Filicia for the three-day Architectural Digest’s AD Oasis event in Miami. Filicia used exclusively Sunbrella fabrics for his designs, including Sunbrella throws and Sunbrella rope to draw the eyes up as visitors enter a space designed for relaxing in style and luxury.

    Moran Canvas Products is proud to carry Sunbrella shades and awnings in San Diego, CA. You can find out more about our full range of products, including commercial and residential awnings, patio covers, and other outdoor home improvement solutions, when you scroll through our website or contact our awning experts at (619) 462-7778.

  • Why an Awning Is a Smart Investment for Your Business

    Commercial awnings are both architectural features and hardworking tools that contribute to your business in many ways. Awning installation is a great way to help your business stand out among competitors and draw new clientele every day, as well as provide added functionality to outdoor spaces.

    Greater Visibility

    An awning is a highly-visible sign can pique the interest of passersby. Awnings can augment your existing store signage, helping your business stand out against the background and adding personality and style to your storefront. All of these factors combine to draw in a greater number of new clients and increase long-term profits.

    Long-Term Energy Savings

    Both fixed and retractable awnings provide shade from the sun, which can translate directly into energy and financial savings for your business. By shading windows from direct sunlight at the hottest times of day, you’ll reduce interior heating due to solar radiation and lower the amount of work you require from your HVAC system. This allows you to maintain a more comfortable interior environment at lower energy costs to reduce your daily operating expenses.

    Increased Square Footage

    Awnings increase the usable square footage of your business by providing shade and cover for exterior spaces. If you have a large patio or outdoor seating area, you can ensure client comfort in a range of weather conditions by adding an awning to this space. Retractable awnings offer the greatest versatility, allowing you to adjust the amount of cover provided based on outdoor conditions and customer volume so you can instantly expand the amount of seating or space to meet a change in demand.

    If you’re ready to put an awning to work for your business, Moran Canvas Products can help with a vast selection of commercial awnings and professional awning and patio cover installation service in San Diego, CA. We invite you to visit us on the web for more details about our awnings, patio covers, cabanas, and sun shade sales, or give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to discuss custom projects and fixed awning installation pricing today.