• Tapping into the Marketing Potential of Awnings

    When you are creating a new marketing strategy for your business, you may want to consider installing new awnings. While awnings are used for functional purposes on the exterior of buildings, they can also be utilized as effective marketing tools. In order to advertise using awnings, you will want to consider what types of information you will place on the front or sides of your awning installation. Placing your business name in bold colors on your awning will help you grab the attention of customers who are walking by on the sidewalk.

    If you have questions about how to use awnings as a marketing tool for your business, contact Moran Canvas Products. Our company specializes in commercial awnings in San Diego , and we can help you choose the right printed logo or message for your awning installation. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to receive more information about our quality canvas products.

  • What Information Belongs on a Business Awning?

    Along with being sources of shade and protection, awnings can also be used to advertise your business. When you work with a company that offers commercial awnings , you may want to ask your awning specialists about the different types of signs, logos, or graphics that can be printed on the surface of your awnings. With the right information, you can use your awning to attract potential customers. Let’s explore some types of information that can be placed on your business awning.

    Primary Signage

    Your awning can be used as the primary sign for your business. When you are creating a new awning for your company, you can choose to have your business name and address printed in large letters on the front or sides of the canvas surface. By using your awning as your primary business sign, you can let customers know that they have arrived at the right business location.

    Secondary Signage

    An awning can also be used to provide your customers with secondary information about your business. When you are thinking of secondary information to place on your awning, you will want to consider the products or services that are offered by your business. Some examples of secondary signage include a list of specialty dishes that are offered by a restaurant, or examples of different services that are performed by a business.

    Graphic Logos

    Rather than choosing to place verbal information on your sign, you may want to print a graphic logo. Graphic logos will capture the attention of potential patrons who are passing by on the street. You can also use your graphic logo to boost the branding and image of your business.

    To get started on planning your awning installation in San Diego, get in touch with Moran Canvas Products by calling (619) 462-7778. From sun shade sails to awnings and more, we offer a terrific line of products that will be perfectly suited for the exterior of your business. Our awning installation experts look forward to assisting you soon.

  • Outdoor Wedding Planning: Sail Shades

    When you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will want to plan ahead to make sure that your guests are comfortable. This video will provide you with information about how to plan your outdoor wedding. A sun shade or drapery installation will add style to your outdoor wedding, while also protecting your guests from the elements. Other items, such as parasols, can also be passed out to your guests to provide them with shade or rain protection.

    At Moran Canvas Products, we can provide you with sun shade sails in San Diego . When you are planning your outdoor wedding, do not hesitate to contact our company to learn more about our cabanas and awnings. To schedule a rental for your big day, give us a call at (619) 462-7778.

  • 3 Ways to Use Awnings at Your Restaurant

    Awnings are popular outdoor accessories for fine dining establishments and casual restaurants, alike. When you are seeking an effective and cost-conscious way to spruce up the exterior of your restaurant, you may want to consider a new awning installation . Along with increasing your outdoor dining space, awnings can also help to improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Here is a look at 3 ways that you can use awnings at your restaurant.

    Cover Outdoor Eating Areas

    A new awning installation can be used to cover outdoor eating areas. In the San Diego area, high outdoor temperatures can drive patrons indoors during the peak of summer. With new awnings, you can make sure that your guests are shaded and comfortable when they dine al fresco. In the event that a sudden rainstorm hits, your awnings will also keep your diners dry.

    Shade Exposed Windows

    When the hot sun is beating on your restaurant, your indoor spaces may heat up quickly. Fortunately, awnings can be used to provide your windows with additional shade. You may want to install awnings over windows that are oriented to the north or west, as these directions receive the most light throughout the day.

    Improve Curb Appeal

    To make your restaurant stand out from the sidewalk, you may want to consider installing awnings. With brand new awnings, you can make the exterior of your restaurant more appealing to diners. An awning can also be used to advertise your restaurant using a company name or logo.

    Once you have decided that you are ready to install new awnings serving San Diego, be sure to get in touch with Moran Canvas Products . Our commercial awnings and patio covers can be used to create a beautiful atmosphere in your outdoor dining area. To receive more information about the beautiful inventory of fixed awnings that we can provide for your business, give us a call at (619) 462-7778.