• Choosing the Right Locations to Install Solar Screens

    It can be pleasant to have natural light in your home or office, but sometimes, too much sun can be more annoying than enjoyable. The sun’s rays can cause a glare on your television or computer screen, and can make your space much warmer. When you have a space that is getting too much natural sunlight, consider installing solar shades or sun shades to improve the situation. Solar screens reduce the heat and glare the sun brings, and will help prevent furniture, decorations, and artwork from fading in the sun. With solar screens, you don’t have to compromise your visibility, as you’ll still be able to see outside when they are pulled down. Solar screens are a good idea on windows that get the most sun exposure, particularly those that face east and south.

    Installing solar screens in your San Diego home or business can make you more comfortable as well as drive down your cooling costs. Call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778 with all of your questions about shading your space with solar screens, fixed awnings, and more.

  • Which Shade Structure Is Right for Your Business?

    Running a business is no easy task. In addition to providing a product or service that is superior and desirable, you must also take care of behind-the-scenes duties such as bookkeeping, hiring, and building upkeep. Adding a commercial awning to your business can increase your visibility so that new and repeat customers have an easier time finding you. A shade structure does more than make you visible—it can also increase the space your customers have to experience your business. Keep reading to find out which shade structure might be right for your business.


    An awning is a simple way of improving the look of the outside of your business. Awnings are functional as well as aesthetically attractive, providing shelter from sun and rain as customers enter and exit your building. You can adorn your commercial awning with the name of your business as well as your logo to reinforce your branding and marketing efforts. An awning is a smart choice for all types of businesses, including medical offices, accountants, lawyers, and dry cleaners.

    Sun Shade Sails

    If you need to shade a larger area outside your business, such as a restaurant patio, you may want to consider using sun shade installation. Shade sails offer a modern look and are modular, so you can move them around if necessary. They take up very little space on the ground, which means you don’t have to sacrifice valuable space that tables and chairs can occupy.

    Solar Shades

    Whether you work in an office or a retail store, the sun coming through your windows can affect your workspace. Solar shades allow you to cut down on the glare and heat that the sun’s rays create without obstructing your view of the outdoors. You may be able to save money on cooling with the help of solar shades, as well as protecting valuable inventory from fading in bright light.

    Talk to the shade professionals at Moran Canvas Products to learn more about how to choose a shade structure for your commercial building. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 for more information about commercial awnings, solar shades, and patio covers near San Diego, CA.

  • Tips for Hanging Your Outdoor Curtains

    Are you looking for a way to add shade and privacy to your outdoor living space? If so, a patio cover combined with outdoor curtains could be the right options for you. Watch this video to learn more about hanging your outdoor curtains.

    Outdoor curtains can be hung in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Curtains may be hung on a rod that runs through the top of the fabric, or with rings that go around the rod. Another option is to have a track installed that allows you to easily open and close your outdoor curtains.

    Moran Canvas Products is proud to provide quality residential shade options including outdoor curtains in San Diego . Call (619) 462-7778 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about your vision for transforming your outdoor living space. Visit our website for a closer look at our products, including cabanas, solar shades, and fixed awnings.

  • What You Should Know About Shade Sails

    When you live in a sunny climate, you may often find yourself wishing that you had more access to shady areas. Awnings give you respite from the bright sun while still allowing you to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Whether you are looking to add shade to your business or your residence, consider which sort of shade structure is right for your goals. Sun shade sails offer numerous benefits when they are professionally installed, and can improve the aesthetics of your business or home. Keep reading to learn more about shade sails.

    Visual Appeal

    Creating shade on your property is about both form and function. You need shade to be comfortable outside, but you don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetics of the outside of your building. Shade sails add a dramatic element to your landscaping design, and come in a variety of colors to match your décor. You might want to match the shade sails to the color of your house, or choose a complementary color to add visual interest. Shade sails can increase the curb appeal of your home or business as well as making your outdoor space more usable.

    Space Considerations

    When you are searching for the right shade structure, you must consider how large of an area you want to shade, and what you will need to erect the structure. Shade sails can cover small or large areas, and use only minimal framework so your ground space is as uninterrupted as possible.


    No matter what sort of area you want to shade, shade sails can get the job done. They can cover pool areas, patios, playgrounds, outdoor restaurant seating, and much more. You can use overlapping shade sails to create a feeling of an outdoor room, and because they are easily movable, you have the ability to transform your outdoor space as needed.

    For quality fixed awnings, patio covers, and sun shade sails in San Diego, call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778. We are one of the largest manufacturers of awnings in Southern California, and are dedicated to providing you with service that’s as outstanding as our products.