• Understanding Solar Heat Gain

    Solar heat gain is an important contributing factor to a residential or commercial building’s energy use. It can cause cooling and heating bills to raise or lower, depending on the amount of solar heat in the building. To control solar heat gain, patio covers and awnings around the building can reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates a building. Let’s take a closer look at solar heat gain and how it affects a building’s interior.

    Solar heat gain refers to rising temperatures due to the sun’s strength in an area. The more solar heat entering a building—through inefficient windows coverings or subpar window constructions—then the hotter that building will become. The hotter the interior temperatures are, the higher cooling costs will soon rise to accommodate. However, solar heat gain can be reduced with patio covers, such as sun shade sails and patio awnings. These coverings can minimize the amount of solar heat entering a building and reduce energy costs.

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  • Reasons to Install Roman Shades Over Your Patio

    Roman shades are attractive patio covers that will protect your property and beautify it at the same time. By installing Roman shades, you can enjoy beautiful California days year-round and remain safe from sun damage. Read on for more important reasons to install Roman shades over your patio.

    Prevent Sun Damage

    Some type of patio cover is essential to prevent sun damage from affecting your patio. Roman shades can offer a distinctive advantage, because they can be made from thicker material than many other residential patio covers. This thicker material provides even greater protection for your patio furniture, patio deck, and any people sitting outside. Sun exposure can cause your furnishings and deck to fade, crack, or degrade. When you or guests are exposed to too much sun, you can suffer sunburns, sunspots, and future skin cancer.

    Provide Attractive Coverage

    In addition to providing protection from the sun, Roman shades are an attractive addition to your patio’s décor. Roman shades come in several colors and designs to match any color scheme or design you may have on your patio. Roman shades are also an interesting talking piece, because of their ingenious design. They look like waves of fabric and project unique shadows as the sun crosses the sky. If you are looking for an attractive patio cover, then Roman shades are the ideal choice for you.

    Allow Greater Control

    There are many types of patio covers, but not all give you the amount of control you may desire. As the sun moves or the weather changes, you may wish to open or close your Roman shades. Roman shades often come with a retractable option to move them across the patio cover structure. To give yourself more control over your residential patio covers, install Roman shades.

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  • Find Out Where You Can Save Energy at Home

    You can cut your energy costs by installing a patio cover or backyard awnings, which are effective measures for keeping damaging UV rays out of your home. To find even more ways to save, there is a Google Play app called My Power Consumption, which can show you exactly where you are using energy at home.

    My Power Consumption will break down and analyze all of your appliances as they are used by you and other household members. With this information, you can see where you use a lot of energy and where you may be able to cut back your energy usage. My Power Consumption will also give you some tips on how to positively influence your energy usage to lower your bills and contribute to the environment.

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  • Areas That Benefit Most from Shade Sail Installation

    Shade sails are important additions to various areas around your property, such as your patio, playground, and driveway. With this beautiful and simple patio cover in these areas, you will experience less sun damage and lower energy bills. Continue reading to see the areas that will gain the most benefit from a shade sail .


    One of the most obvious areas to install a shade sail is over and around your patios. These patio covers create a useful and beautiful addition to your landscaping. By installing sun shade sails outside of your entrances and exits, you can reduce your cooling costs during the summer. Shade sail installations will cut down on solar heat gain—which will save you in energy—and ultraviolet damage, which can prevent premature fading of your interior and exterior furnishings.


    Playgrounds are another area that can benefit with shade sails. Playground equipment can become hot, faded, and degraded with exposure to too much sun. Sun exposure, from the sun or reflective equipment, can cause your children to sunburn or tan. You can reduce this damage with a shade sail installation over the equipment and around the playground. With one or more shade sails in place, your kids will enjoy their time at the playground, and they will be more comfortable.


    Protecting your vehicle should be a top priority. If you do not have a garage, or it is filled with equipment and tools, then a driveway shade sail installation is necessary. With a shade over your vehicle, you can protect your vehicle from fading due to sun exposure and other weather damages. A shade sail will also keep your vehicle cool during the summer months.

    Work with Moran Canvas Products to find the perfect areas of a shade sail installation in San Diego, CA . We can fabricate it and install it to your specifications. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to get started.