• See How Shades Can Help You Stay Cool in the Pool

    The pool area helps you beat the heat, but what if the sun is still beating down on the water? If you open your eyes to blinding sunlight every time you surface from under the water, you might need a sun shade. Watch this video to see how shades help you stay cool in the pool.

    If you want to keep the sun out of your face while you enjoy the pool, sun shades might be the ticket. Trees could help, but they’re prone to dropping leaves and bugs into your water. Shades, on the other hand, will keep the sun out of your pool without any of the hassle or extra maintenance requirements.

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  • Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Area for Summer Entertaining

    People tend to gravitate to the place with the nicest amenities when looking for a landing spot over the summer. If you want your home to be the go-to space for entertainment, you’ll need a few key elements. Talk to your awning professional and read on for tips on creating the perfect outdoor living area for summer entertaining.

    Pool Area

    If you enjoy entertaining, it’s nice when everyone comes over to your house during the summer. There are a couple of elements that people tend to really appreciate, and one is a pool area. A beautiful pool can be nice to look at, and it can be a great way for people of all ages to cool down and escape the heat. You can even combine your heated pool with an awning to enjoy a comfortable water temperature without having to deal with blinding sunlight.

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Eating outdoors can be fun, but bringing food in and out of the house is sometimes a hassle. If you want to cut out the middleman, consider an outdoor kitchen. This cuts down the time it takes to set the table and prepare for a meal, and it makes spills less of a problem. Go the extra mile by adding an awning to your outdoor kitchen for optimal comfort.

    Patio Awning Installation

    When you’re done swimming and eating, you’ll need a place where everyone can gather around and relax. The patio tends to be a nice final landing spot, but you don’t want to be hit with abrasive ultraviolet rays while you sit and chat with your friends, family, or neighbors. This is why it helps to install a patio awning. This will protect you and your company from the sun while letting you enjoy the weather.

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  • Get Ready for Swim Season with a Pool Cabana

    If you love laying by the pool during the summer season, then you need a great patio cover to give you shade and comfort from the summer sun. Try a beautiful, new cabana to liven up your pool area. Here is a closer look at what you can get when you install a poolside cabana:

    Cabanas make versatile patio covers, because they can be used for shade, storage, changing areas, and entertainment. If you invite friends over for a pool party, then set up a poolside cabana as an easy-to-reach changing room. You can set up another one as an entertainment area for guests to relax, socialize, and eat dinner. The options are endless when it comes to a poolside cabana in your backyard.

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  • Top Ways to Improve Your Building’s Curb Appeal

    Curb appeal is a significant part of attracting customers to your building. If you do not have proper signage or your building looks rundown, then customers will stay away. However, you can install new, attractive awning signs and update your exterior paint, and you will have customers flocking to your store in no time. Read on for more top ways to improve curb appeal.

    Improve Your Signage

    Your store’s signage is one of the most important components of your success. Your customers must be able to find your store and be interested in shopping. You can improve your signage with a number of custom projects, such as monogrammed commercial awnings. These awnings can feature your store’s colors, logo, and name to capture customers’ attentions as they drive or walk by your store.

    Make Window Displays

    Window displays are another attractive way to entice customers to your store. If they walk by your building and see a new product displayed, then they are likelier to stop into your store to shop around. Work with interior decorators or marketing experts who can help you design attractive window displays that feature your products. Each window should display a different product or a collection of products surrounding a specific theme. Consider adding colorful signage or decorations that will complement the product you are selling.

    Clean Your Surroundings

    If the area around your building is messy, degrading, or unattractive, then no one will want to shop or visit your store. Make a point to inspect the immediate surroundings of your store’s entrances for trash or a poorly-maintained landscape. Also, check your building’s paint and building materials for any noticeable defects. If there is peeling paint, cracked stucco, or rotting wood, then have these corrected immediately to improve your building’s curb appeal.

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  • What Is a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

    Solar heat gain coefficient refers to the level of heat and radiation that comes through your windows and heats up your house. It is important to understand this number, because you can lower it and your energy bills by adding awnings and outdoor curtains to your windows. Continue reading to learn about solar heat gain coefficient and how to control it.

    As seen in the short video, heat gain can be combatted by installing energy-efficient windows and awnings. These measures will reduce the amount of solar heat that goes through the windows and heats up your home. They will also reduce your energy bills throughout the year.

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