How to Add Character to Your Storefront

In retail and service industries, first impressions are everything. When you make the effort to make a great first impression, you’ll be rewarded with loyal customers and plenty of referral business. One important step toward improving your company’s image is to add character to your storefront with a custom-made awning. The installation of a commercial awning will let your potential customers easily see your business name and logo—the first critical step toward building brand awareness. Be creative with your awning, but make sure the design fits the nature of your business. If you own a high-end hotel, for instance, you’ll need a more formal design compared to a daycare center.

In addition to having a custom awning installed, you can add character to your storefront by building attractive displays, either in a sidewalk-facing window or on the sidewalk itself. For example, if you’re a florist, you can display your showiest, most elegant arrangements.

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