How to Use Shade Sails in Commercial Spaces

Sometimes, a commercial space calls for a dramatic, eye-catching feature beyond traditional awnings. One excellent solution is a shade sail. Shade sails are triangles or squares of fabric that are anchored at strategic points to create a visually stunning outdoor shelter. Sun shade sails shield passersby from harsh UV rays and rain. They can also create a beautiful outdoor gathering place.


Whether casual or elegant, outdoor dining is always an attractive option for hungry customers, but weather can present a problem. Health-conscious diners might not be willing to park themselves under the sun’s harmful rays for an hour or two. And if it starts raining, your outdoor dining area will be quickly deserted. One possibility is individual table umbrellas, but these are problematic. They leave the spaces between tables unshaded, and they give an outdoor space a crowded, unattractive look. Instead, consider having a shade sail installed over your outdoor dining area. For an elegant architectural look, you could have two or more triangles of fabric overlapping each other.

Public Pools

Shade sails work well in public pool areas, especially since people at pools are more likely to be concerned about their sunscreen wearing off in the water. You can anchor shade sails over the pool itself, or have them installed over the lounging area—or both! Choose a color of fabric that complements the pool liner.


Most hotels have custom-made awnings at the front entrance. However, shade sails are a great choice for the courtyard. They create an inviting ambience for your guests. A nicely shaded courtyard can give any hotel a more upscale look.


Zoo patrons expect to walk around in the hot sun, but they probably don’t want to dine there too. Have professional installers put up shade sails over the picnic area to keep families happy while they’re taking a break from seeing the animals.

Moran Canvas Products can design, fabricate, and expertly install beautiful shade sails in your commercial or residential space. Get started today by calling (619) 462-7778. You can also click on the “Gallery” link on our website to check out some of the stunning shade sail installations we’ve performed in San Diego, CA.

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