• Comparing Awnings and Canopies

    Awnings and canopies both provide shade and protection from the elements, leaving many homeowners confused about which one is right for their properties. Despite their similarities, there are significant differences in the design of awnings and canopies that can influence how they are used. Here is a look at what these two structures offer to help you decide which one best suits your needs.


    Awnings are fixed to an exterior wall on one side and extend outward. They can remain stationary, so that they provide continuous shade, or they can be retractable, so that they can be opened and closed as needed. Homeowners frequently use them over decks and patios, through they typically only extend a maximum of 15 feet from the supporting structure, so they may not effectively cover larger outdoor spaces.

    Canopies are supported by posts in the ground, similar to tents. They stand completely free from any supporting stationary structure, so they can be put anywhere in your outdoor space. They can be designed in larger sizes than awnings to cover bigger areas.


    Awnings and canopies can both be designed with a range of different fabrics, including fabrics that block UV rays and waterproof fabrics. Awnings must be designed with a sufficient slope to allow rain to roll off of them in order to prevent pooling that will damage the fabric. Canopies, by design, don’t have this issue. Fabric is generally not a differentiating factor between awnings and canopies, as long as the frame used in the design is adequate to support the fabric.


    Many homeowners prefer the look of awnings, since they are close to the home and less obtrusive than canopies, which remain in their yards and may stand out more. However, canopies can be important elements of landscaping design, especially around pools or outdoor kitchens, so the choice is a matter of preference.

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  • Spotlight on the Benefits of Our Heat Bonding Procedure

    Working with a team of professionals means expecting the job to be done perfectly, and Moran Canvas Products lives up to that expectation. Thanks to our innovative techniques, we can provide you with products that last. Let’s shine the spotlight on the benefits of our heat bonding procedure.

    The way your products are crafted makes all the difference. If your awnings and shades aren’t put together properly, they could literally fall apart at the seams. At Moran Canvas Products, we use heat bonding to make sure our products hold strong for a long time. We were one of the first companies in Southern California to use this process, so we’ve got plenty of experience in doing it right. Thanks to heat bonding, the seams in our products are much less likely to fail, so you can expect your canvas products to keep adding to your backyard design for years.

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  • Top Reasons to Add a Cabana to Your Pool Area

    If your pool area is looking a little bare, you might want to consider adding a cabana . Cabanas are practical and attractive, as they can protect you and your furniture from the elements while making your pool area more inviting. Continue reading to learn about the top reasons to add a cabana to your pool area.

    Enjoy the Shade

    There are plenty of ways to beat the heat, and going in the pool tends to be a favorite. If you like to hang out in the pool area and enjoy the weather without going in the water, you’ll want some shade to keep you out of the direct sunlight. You might find it difficult to relax when you’re overwhelmed by ultraviolet rays, but a cabana will keep you nice and comfortable in the heat of the summer.

    Stay Out of the Rain

    A lot of people like to enjoy the peaceful sound of the rain, and what better place to enjoy it from than right underneath it? With a cabana in your backyard, you can take shelter from the rain while still relaxing to the sounds. As long as you’re a safe distance away, the cabana is a wonderful place to hang out while you enjoy a thunderstorm. If it starts raining when you’re in the pool and you don’t want to get wet again before you head inside, you can also dry off under your cabana.

    Add to Your Design

    Cabanas make your pool area more inviting by giving you shelter from the sun and the elements, but that’s not the only way this kind of covering helps you use your space. When you install a cabana in your pool area, you also add to the design of your outdoor living space. Choose one that makes sense with your design.

    Are you looking for a cabana near San Diego, CA, to add to your pool area? Call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778 or check out our website. Our professionals can help you with awning installations, commercial patio covers, and any kind of custom project you’re working on.

  • Get Design Inspiration for Your Pool Cabana

    If you get caught in a summer rain shower while you’re getting out of the pool or relaxing in your backyard, you’ll be glad you have a cabana to give you shelter. The cabana itself should also make your space more appealing so you want to spend more time around the pool. Watch this video and get some design inspiration for your pool cabana .

    There are countless different kinds of cabanas, so start by thinking about what kind you’re looking for. Will it stand alone over a specific area, or will it be attached to the house? Should it look sleek and modern or more ornamental and elegant?

    Cabanas near San Diego, CA, make the backyard pool area more comfortable and attractive, and Moran Canvas Products can help you find the right one. Learn about our outdoor home improvement services on our website or call us at (619) 462-7778.