Design Elements to Consider Before Opening Your New Café

When you’re getting ready to open a café, you want the space to enhance the customer experience. Ideally, your café’s style should reflect the menu you serve and encourage people to come for a quick bite or linger with friends on a long afternoon or evening. Having both indoor and outdoor seating can be a significant selling point, and having a patio cover or other shade feature will extend the usefulness of your outdoor seating area throughout the seasons. Keep these design elements in mind as you plan out your new café.

Resist Overcrowding Your Customers

As a café owner, you want to get as many customers into your space at one time as possible. If customers encounter lengthy waits on multiple occasions, they may give up on your café as an option. And of course, the more customers you serve, the more profit you can generate. However, resist the desire to try to fit in as many customers as you can. Leave ample space between tables for diners to sit comfortably and share conversation easily. You will need to leave enough room for servers to maneuver as well. About four feet should be a minimum distance between your tables, and be sure to leave some with extra space for diners in wheelchairs.

Carefully Consider Your Serving Counter

If your café will have a serving counter for ordering food, be mindful of the impact of its placement. If you place it near the front of the café, it will give customers the impression that they should pop in and out quickly. This is good if you want to attract foot traffic, but not as desirable if you want customers to linger. Place the counter towards the back if you want diners to spend time in your café.

Embrace the Outdoors

Alfresco seating is highly desirable, but make sure yours is not an afterthought. Have a fixed or retractable awning in place to increase the functionality of the space, and make sure to pay attention to the décor. Choosing a custom awning will ensure that your patio cover complements the rest of your café’s design. Consider increasing the privacy of your patio with fencing or hedges.

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