• What Information Belongs on a Business Awning?

    Along with being sources of shade and protection, awnings can also be used to advertise your business. When you work with a company that offers commercial awnings , you may want to ask your awning specialists about the different types of signs, logos, or graphics that can be printed on the surface of your awnings. With the right information, you can use your awning to attract potential customers. Let’s explore some types of information that can be placed on your business awning.

    Primary Signage

    Your awning can be used as the primary sign for your business. When you are creating a new awning for your company, you can choose to have your business name and address printed in large letters on the front or sides of the canvas surface. By using your awning as your primary business sign, you can let customers know that they have arrived at the right business location.

    Secondary Signage

    An awning can also be used to provide your customers with secondary information about your business. When you are thinking of secondary information to place on your awning, you will want to consider the products or services that are offered by your business. Some examples of secondary signage include a list of specialty dishes that are offered by a restaurant, or examples of different services that are performed by a business.

    Graphic Logos

    Rather than choosing to place verbal information on your sign, you may want to print a graphic logo. Graphic logos will capture the attention of potential patrons who are passing by on the street. You can also use your graphic logo to boost the branding and image of your business.

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