• Planning a Summer Family Reunion? Try These Ideas for Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

    Summertime is peak season for visiting with family and friends and spending time outside. If you have volunteered your home to be the location for your family reunion, then you may be thinking of ways you can make your outdoor space more inviting, with everything from lights to awnings . These tips will have everyone enjoying the fresh air at your home for your summer family reunion, and for many seasons to come.

    Add an Awning

    If you have a patio or deck outside of your home, an awning will make it more inviting. When the summer sun is beating down, you and your family can take cover from the rays under the awning, where it will feel cool and comfortable. Choose between a fixed awning or a retractable version that you can open and close as needed.

    Consider Lighting

    Although you won’t need lights during the daytime, if you want to keep the get-together going well into the evening, outdoor lighting is key. Use lights from different sources, such as wall-mounted features along the back of your home and in-ground lighting along pathways. You can also install standing lanterns in other areas of your outdoor space to make it look inviting. Although lighting has a functional purpose when you have guests, it can also enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area by spotlighting certain features of your landscaping.

    Choose a Cabana

    If you have a pool, you can count on your family sticking close to the water during hot summer weather. A cabana is the perfect addition for a pool area, as it gives people a quiet space to escape from the heat and activity. Set up a few table games in your cabana and have some food and drinks on hand so people can relax inside when they need a break from swimming.

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  • Top Reasons to Add a Cabana to Your Pool Area

    If your pool area is looking a little bare, you might want to consider adding a cabana . Cabanas are practical and attractive, as they can protect you and your furniture from the elements while making your pool area more inviting. Continue reading to learn about the top reasons to add a cabana to your pool area.

    Enjoy the Shade

    There are plenty of ways to beat the heat, and going in the pool tends to be a favorite. If you like to hang out in the pool area and enjoy the weather without going in the water, you’ll want some shade to keep you out of the direct sunlight. You might find it difficult to relax when you’re overwhelmed by ultraviolet rays, but a cabana will keep you nice and comfortable in the heat of the summer.

    Stay Out of the Rain

    A lot of people like to enjoy the peaceful sound of the rain, and what better place to enjoy it from than right underneath it? With a cabana in your backyard, you can take shelter from the rain while still relaxing to the sounds. As long as you’re a safe distance away, the cabana is a wonderful place to hang out while you enjoy a thunderstorm. If it starts raining when you’re in the pool and you don’t want to get wet again before you head inside, you can also dry off under your cabana.

    Add to Your Design

    Cabanas make your pool area more inviting by giving you shelter from the sun and the elements, but that’s not the only way this kind of covering helps you use your space. When you install a cabana in your pool area, you also add to the design of your outdoor living space. Choose one that makes sense with your design.

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  • Top Reasons to Add a Cabana to Your Backyard

    Are you looking for some new home improvement tasks to take on this season? If so, then consider adding a cabana to your outdoor living area. Read on to learn a few of the top reasons for adding a cabana to your backyard.

    Protect Your Belongings

    Bright, sunny days can be ideal for spending time in the backyard with your family and friends. However, when the sun’s rays beat down on your outdoor furniture day after day, your property can begin to show its age far sooner than you might expect. To protect your backyard furnishings from the sun and other elements, consider adding a convenient cabana to the space. Also, if you typically store your outdoor furniture and pool supplies in your garage, then you can free up space by keeping them under your new cabana, instead.

    Enhance Your Pool Area

    Backyard swimming pools are significant investments that require regular upkeep. If you have a swimming pool and want your family and friends to get more use out of it, then consider upgrading your backyard pool area with a cabana. By adding one of these structures to your pool area, you can make a more attractive space for people to lounge by the pool while staying comfortably out of the sun.

    Create a Backyard Getaway

    If you love having friends over for dinners and barbecues and would like to find a better way to entertain outdoors, then you may benefit from adding a cabana to your backyard. Cabanas are structures that can be opened or closed on all four sides, allowing for openness and airflow when you want them, but also providing privacy and protection from the sun and wind when needed. By adding a cabana to your backyard, you can create an ideal space for relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

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  • Using Cabanas to Improve Your Hotel’s Pool Area

    Your hotel’s pool area should be outfitted to keep your guests comfortable and entertained. One of the easiest ways to improve your pool area is by installing cabanas. These additions can be made to your specifications to match your hotel’s color scheme and overall theme. Read on to see how adding cabanas to your pool area can drastically improve the overall aesthetic.

    Cabanas provide your guests a private area where they can gather for parties or meetings and still have access to the pool. These spaces present a comfortable, shaded location with outdoor curtains for privacy. They are also large enough to fit multiple chairs, cushions, and tables for further comfort.

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  • The Benefits of Having a Cabana as Part of Your Outdoor Living Space

    If you live in the Southern California area, chances are that you and your family members love to spend time outdoors. In order to enjoy the fresh air, without getting overheated by direct sunlight, you may want to consider installing a cabana in your backyard. Cabanas can be used to create comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces that are perfect for year round enjoyment. Let’s tour three of the great benefits of having a cabana as part of your outdoor living space.

    Create Additional Entertaining Space

    When you set up a new cabana in your backyard, you will extend the total amount of space that you have available for entertaining. Whether you are hosting a poolside barbeque or you are relaxing with family members after a long work week, you and your guests are sure to enjoy spending time in your new cabana.

    Add Extra Storage Space

    Since a cabana offers coverage on all four sides, it can be used to add extra storage space in your backyard. Along with placing your outdoor furnishings inside your cabana, you can also use it to house your pool toys, lawn equipment, or other outdoor items. This additional storage space is particularly useful during the winter and spring seasons.

    Boost Overall Property Value

    Your cabana can add to the property value of your home. When you are fixing up your home for a future sale, you may want to consider incorporating a cabana into your backyard landscaping design. With a brand new cabana, your home will become even more appealing to buyers and may be valued higher by your realtor.

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  • Cabana Design Ideas

    An outdoor cabana can transform any backyard into a resort-style oasis. Having a cabana next to your pool gives you and your guests a place to change into bathing suits, access all the pool necessities, as well as a place to store pool furniture and equipment when not in use. A cabana can also be decorated with outdoor curtains to match your own personal style. When it comes to cabana design, your options are endless.

    When designing your own cabana, think about the style of your home and how to extend that style into the backyard. Choose an idea that reflects your personal style as well as a design that blends in with the landscape. Think about what function you want out of your cabana and incorporate those ideas into the overall design.

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  • Fun Ideas for Your Backyard Cabana

    fun ideas for your backyard cabana san diego A cabana can really add a beautiful and useful area in your backyard. There are many ways to decorate a cabana to make it an extension of your home that’s ideal for entertaining, a relaxing after work, or playing with your children. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

    Properly Equip a Poolside Cabana

    A cabana can be an ideal place to change into and out of swimsuits or to get out of the sun. In either case, you will want to install nice outdoor curtains to provide some privacy and shade. These can be in any color you choose to make them blend with the rest of your house or to make them stand out as a separate space. Poolside cabanas are also good places to store pool toys—consider adding racks that will let toys dry and keep them out of the way.

    Furnish a Cabana as a Living Space

    A cabana can be used as an extension of the house for parties or just to relax in. A popular way to decorate a cabana is as a living room, with couches and chairs where you can sit and have a chat. You will want to have draperies installed around the cabana to protect your furniture from the rain. Another popular way to furnish a cabana is to add a full-size or day bed that is ideal for afternoon naps. In the summer, this can also serve as a unique place for guests to sleep.

    Set Up a Cabana as a Study

    Sometimes, it helps to have your own space to work, especially if you work from home. Furnishing your cabana as a study and going there to work can be perfect for this. It signals that you are at work and are not to be disturbed. You can have a desk, bookcases, and all the accoutrements of an office only a few steps away from your house.

    Cabanas are so versatile that they can improve almost any backyard. If you are interested in cabanas near San Diego, CA, you are in luck. Moran Canvas Products can install your cabana for you. Give us a call today at (888) 904-8665 to find out more about our cabanas, patio awnings, and other home improvement products.

  • The Benefits of Cabanas

    cabana san diego

    Summer means outdoor parties! If you plan to spend a lot of time in your San Diego backyard this summer, you should consider getting a cabana. This poolside addition offers a variety of benefits that you, your family, and your friends will all be able to enjoy.

    Cabanas offer a covered space where you and your guests can relax and hang out before or after going in the pool. Forget the days of swimming and then running inside to avoid the sun—you will be able to spend plenty of time outdoors and stay cool in your cabana! This backyard addition will also give you more storage space, allowing you to further enhance your outdoor living area. A cabana can also be a good long-term investment that will add value to your home when you are ready to sell it in the future.

    Are you ready to add a cabana to your San Diego backyard? Let Moran Canvas help! Contact us at (619) 462-7778 to discover other benefits of cabana installation and start planning your home improvement project.