• Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting a Commercial Awning

    Awnings are a great way to attract customers and protect your business. You can customize your awning to advertise your business, and you can reap the many other rewards that come with a commercial awning. Read on to see the answers to some questions you should ask yourself when selecting a commercial awning .

    Should I choose a fixed or retractable awning?

    You can receive the same benefits of an awning, whether you choose a fixed awning installation or a retractable option. However, a retractable awning will give you more control over the amount of sunlight and warmth that enters your establishment. When you choose a retractable awning, you can choose to block or unblock the sun during the winter. This can reduce your heating bills, which will save you energy costs year-round. If you choose a fixed awning, then you will have shade and sun blockage throughout the year.

    How can I customize a commercial awning?

    There are several ways to customize your commercial awning. You can choose a specific color that matches your business’ color scheme. There are also awning designs that can add originality to your establishment. You may also choose to put your company’s name, logo, and slogan on the awning. These are great ways to attract new and returning customers to your building.

    Can I properly maintain a commercial awning?

    You may be concerned with keeping your commercial awning properly maintained, which is an important factor to the life and look of the awning. Thankfully, awning maintenance is not a difficult task. There are awning cleaning services, if your awnings become heavily soiled. However, if you regularly brush off loose dirt and hose down your awnings, then they largely should remain in great shape.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Commercial Awnings

    Awnings can provide businesses with easy advertisements, lowered energy costs, and shade. These are just a few reasons that businesses should invest in commercial awnings around their establishments. Continue reading to learn more about awnings and how they can benefit any business.

    How can a business benefit with a commercial awning?

    There are several benefits a business will experience once an awning is installed. Awnings provide shade for outdoor areas, such as a dining patio or extra shopping space. Due to the increased shading, awnings can also lower energy costs and aid in indoor cooling efforts. Awnings can block the sun and its heat from entering an establishment, so the inside will not heat up as much; this can significantly reduce energy costs and future air conditioning repairs.

    Are commercial awnings customizable?

    Commercial awnings can be customized to feature a logo, slogan, or business name. Many businesses choose specific colors and types of awning material that can best feature their logo or business name. Speak with an awning installer for a complete list of the best customizable products.

    Which is the better awning?

    There is not a right or wrong answer. Fixed and retractable awnings both offer the same benefits as previously mentioned. They both can be customized to feature a business logo or slogan. However, they differ in cost, upkeep, and personal preference. A fixed awning installation will stay in one place throughout its lifetime. If there is a window or door that consistently receives sun throughout the year or is located near an entrance, then a fixed awning may be the most economical decision. A retractable awning may cost more, but it can be easily moved in accordance with the business’ need on a patio or other seasonally used space.

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