• Spotlight on Our Custom Canvas Projects

    As impressive as a company’s catalogue might be, sometimes you really need your own personal touch. At Moran Canvas Products, we’re glad to provide you with custom awnings and sun shades. Read ahead as we put the spotlight on our custom canvas projects.

    It can be nice to draw inspiration from modern trends, but ultimately, you want the design that works best for your particular needs. If you have an idea for a residential or commercial awning but you can’t quite find the perfect match to satisfy your criteria, you can always talk to the team at Moran Canvas Products. We are happy to work with you on custom canvas projects so you can add exactly the right flair to your home or business design. It’s our job to make your dream canvas project come to life, so reach out to the professionals.

    To learn more about our custom canvas projects , call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778. From fixed awnings to cabanas near San Diego, CA, we can offer just about anything you need to improve your home or place of work. Check out our website or come in and meet us to see what we can do for you.

  • Common Questions About Custom Canvas Projects

    When you are comparing different awnings to use in your backyard, you may come to the conclusion that a custom project will be right for your needs. With services from a canvas company serving San Diego, you will be able to design a fully customized shade structure that meets all of your criteria for durability, function, and style. Before you embark on a custom shade project, you will want to collect as much information as possible. Let’s review some of the most commonly asked questions about custom canvas projects.

    How do I choose a shade structure?

    Your shade structure could take the form of a conventional awning, or you may want to go with a less conventional shade sail or Roman shade installation. When you are choosing a shade structure, it will help to gather ideas and inspiration from various sources. A canvas contractor can also help you determine what type of shade structure will fit best in your backyard.

    Should I choose a fixed or retractable awning?

    If you have decided that an awning will be the best fit for your requirements, one of the first factors to consider is whether you will install a fixed or retractable awning. By building a custom retractable awning, you will have complete control over the amount of light and shade that enters your outdoor space.

    What colors are best for my custom canvas?

    Outdoor canvas comes in a rainbow of different shades and hues. Ultimately, the best color for your custom canvas project is a shade that matches with your personal preferences. You may want to match your canvas to the exterior of your home, or you could consider going bold with a brightly colored canvas.

    At Moran Canvas Products, we are pleased to provide our customers with a range of custom projects. Whether you are shopping for outdoor curtains or beautiful awnings, our team can help you create a custom plan for your installation. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to learn all about the fantastic canvas products that we offer.