• Get a Glimpse of How Outdoor Curtains Can Enhance Your Patio Area

    If your patio is the highlight of your outdoor living area, you might want to consider adding outdoor curtains to bring up your curb appeal. Even if your backyard is secluded because you enjoy your privacy, this kind of investment can make your property more enjoyable for your family. Watch this video and get a glimpse of how outdoor curtains enhance your patio area.

    You may think your outdoor patio area is as good as it gets, but have you thought about adding outdoor curtains? They can offer shade in the spots where you need it, so you can enjoy a nice afternoon on the patio without having to continuously try to keep the sun out of your eyes. New outdoor curtains will also change the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space, so they might even encourage you to spend more time on the patio than you normally would.

    You should do what you can to make your patio area look its best, and outdoor curtains in San Diego, CA might do the trick. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space, call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778 or check out our website.

  • Inspiration for Outdoor Curtains

    If you are in the process of creating a new outdoor space for your backyard, you may want to consider including outdoor curtains in your plans. When you check out this video, you will take a tour of some gorgeous outdoor curtains and patio covers. Your curtains can serve as partitions between various outdoor spaces, and they will also block out the penetrating rays of the sun.

    For answers to your questions about awnings and outdoor curtains in San Diego , contact Moran Canvas Products by calling (619) 462-7778. Our company is experienced in the art of outdoor curtain installation, and we can help you design and install the canvas products of your dreams. We look forward to assisting you with your patio design project.

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Curtains for Your Patio

    Patio covers come in many shapes and sizes, including outdoor curtains. These curtains can drape over your windows, around your patio, or enclose a cabana. Continue reading for some helpful tips when choosing your new outdoor curtains.

    Tip #1: Consider the Sunlight

    Sunlight is probably one of the reasons you are looking for outdoor curtains, so it should be one of the determining factors of what kind of curtains you prefer. If you have intense sunlight entering your cabana throughout the day, then you may prefer outdoor curtains that will block most of the sunlight and heat. However, if you do not have a lot of sunlight, then install sheer curtains to still allow in some light throughout the day. Either way, choose the curtains that will stand up to regular sunlight without damage.

    Tip #2: Determine Your Need

    Consider the reasons that you are looking for outdoor curtains. Are you looking for a decorative installment or a way to block the sun? Perhaps you are attempting to gain some privacy from neighbors or nearby establishments. Your reasons may dictate what type of outdoor curtain installation you choose. If you are interested in curtains for privacy issues, then you may prefer curtains made of a heavier material. These will give you more privacy over a sheer curtain.

    Tip #3: Find the Right Setup

    Look around your property for the right place to set up curtains before purchasing them. The cost and installation process may change depending on where you prefer to set up your curtains. For example, outdoor curtains could fit over your sliding glass door to the patio, or you may wish to enclose your patio with curtains. There are many choices available to you with outdoor curtains.

    Look for the experts in all types of patio covers near San Diego, CA—Moran Canvas Products. We can help you find and install the perfect outdoor curtains for your patio once you call us at (619) 462-7778.

  • Tips for Hanging Your Outdoor Curtains

    Are you looking for a way to add shade and privacy to your outdoor living space? If so, a patio cover combined with outdoor curtains could be the right options for you. Watch this video to learn more about hanging your outdoor curtains.

    Outdoor curtains can be hung in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Curtains may be hung on a rod that runs through the top of the fabric, or with rings that go around the rod. Another option is to have a track installed that allows you to easily open and close your outdoor curtains.

    Moran Canvas Products is proud to provide quality residential shade options including outdoor curtains in San Diego . Call (619) 462-7778 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about your vision for transforming your outdoor living space. Visit our website for a closer look at our products, including cabanas, solar shades, and fixed awnings.

  • Design Inspiration for Your Outdoor Curtains

    Choosing outdoor curtains can complete the overall design of your outdoor living space. Drawn, they can lend softness or personality to your décor, and closed, they can add privacy or create a sun shade to shield your patio from the elements. Through color, texture, length, and style, outdoor curtains have a lot to add to your outdoor space.

    Backyard Oasis

    Outdoor curtains can lend a sense of tropical breeziness to your deck or patio. To make your outdoor area even more inviting, consider light and airy curtains in a sheer material to make the space more charming and to shade you and your guests from the harsh sun.

    Bold Color

    Comfortable chairs and cushions make your outdoor space pleasant and enjoyable, but the addition of bold-colored curtains adds not only function but also significant visual appeal as well. Choose bright curtains to complete your outdoor styling, and go for dramatic, vertical stripes to create character while adding richness and height to your porch.

    Outdoor Getaway

    Your patio or deck area offers a space to enjoy the weather after the stress of the day. For a true getaway experience in your backyard, combine exotic cushions and décor with colorful and striking outdoor curtains to feel as if you’re in a far off place. Curtains can shield you and your family not only from the wind and sun but also from unwanted pests like flies and mosquitoes.

    Cozy Exterior

    If your backyard features a ramada or covered deck, choosing to incorporate outdoor curtains can make your space look cozier but feel warmer, too. When the weather cools, keep your curtains pulled back to enjoy the sun, and draw them in the evening to shelter you and your family from the wind and cold.

    Moran Canvas Products provides expert and experienced installation for awnings, sun shades, patio covers, and outdoor curtains in San Diego, CA . To learn more about our high-quality and professional home improvement services, call us today at (619) 462-7778.