• Tips for Creating an Outdoor Dining Space at Your Restaurant

    A welcoming dining room for your guests and a spacious kitchen work area for your staff are key components of any restaurants design, but if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area for additional seating, then smart design choices in that space can give your business’ demand a significant boost. There are many things to consider when designing an outdoor dining space, from layout to patio covers or other options for protecting your customers from the elements. These tips will help you make the right design decisions for your outdoor space.

    Furniture Durability

    The tables and chairs you use in your outdoor seating area will be exposed to the elements, even if they are under an awning or patio cover. To extend the longevity of your furniture, choose materials that are suitable for outdoor use. Many restaurants opt for wrought iron or wicker furniture for outdoor spaces. Ideally, the tables you choose should look attractive without tablecloths, to minimize the expense and inconvenience of using linens outdoors.


    Outdoor dining spaces need shelter from the elements. There are multiple options, depending on the size of your space and needs. Patio covers, commercial awnings, Roman shades, and sun shade sails can all work for outdoor spaces. Some restaurants also use outdoor curtains for privacy or to separate the dining space nearby businesses or busy streets.


    Your outdoor dining area should be designed so that your staff can easily navigate it to serve guests. Be sure there are clear pathways that the wait staff can use. It is also helpful to ensure a service station, with drinks and other essentials, is set up near the outdoor area.

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