• Shading Options to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen

    Outdoor kitchens help to extend the livable space of your home. Adding shade to the space further increases the usefulness of your kitchen and allows you to enjoy spending time there, even when the sun is at its peak. There are several options to consider for adding shade to your outdoor kitchen, from awnings to patio covers. Here are some of the choices to think about.


    Awnings are fixed or retractable extensions of strong fabric that extend over an outdoor space, usually where there is a window or door. They come in a huge array of sizes, colors, and designs, so you can create one that stretches over your entire outdoor kitchen space and complements the exterior of your home. Thanks to the thickness of the fabric, awnings help to filter the sun’s rays and dramatically cool the area below. As an added benefit, awnings can also help to control the temperature inside your home and protect your furniture from sun damage.

    Patio Covers

    Patio covers are fixed structures that provide permanent shade to any outdoor space. They are ideal for outdoor kitchens because they not only make the space more comfortable but also provide continual protection of your equipment from the elements. A patio cover can make it more comfortable to cook outdoors and enjoy your meals there, no matter the weather, while also giving your outdoor space a more dramatic appearance.

    Sun Shade Sails

    If you want shade for your outdoor kitchen while keeping it as open as possible, a sun shade sail could be the right answer for you. Sun shade sails provide a minimum amount of shade overhead while still allowing an ample amount of sunlight in, without being too harsh.

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  • Factors to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

    An outdoor kitchen is a great way to host memorable gatherings and barbecues. However, an outdoor kitchen must be designed to withstand the weather and provide comfortability to you and your future guests. Choosing weather-friendly materials and installing the right patio cover are important steps to keep in mind for your outdoor kitchen. Read on for more information.

    Weather-Friendly Materials

    Your exterior space should already be rated for any sort of weather exposure, including rain and sunlight. However, your outdoor kitchen will use different materials and appliances than normally found on a porch or deck. Consult with your landscaper or outdoor renovator to choose the best materials to withstand adverse weather conditions. Your outdoor grill, countertops, dining space, and refrigerator should all be rated for water and sun exposure. Ensure that your utility lines are also protected and rated for water exposure.

    Patio Covers

    Your outdoor kitchen will likely be uncomfortable and in danger of weather-related damages without some sort of patio cover. There are various types of covers that offer many levels of protection for your outdoor kitchen. For example, a sail shade installation offers great ultraviolet radiation protection and can be manufactured with rain-resistant materials. You may also consider installing Roman shades and outdoor curtains to cover your dining area for maximum cover from the sun.

    Necessary Utilities

    Your outdoor kitchen will need utilities, such as electricity and water, to run properly. Consider where your outdoor kitchen will be installed in relation to your house. You may be able to hook up your home’s plumbing and electricity to your outdoor kitchen, which can save you on expensive installation costs. However, you may also need a separate utility connection if the space is located too far away from your home.

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