• What to Consider When Designing Your Restaurant’s Patio

    Your restaurant’s patio should be inviting to potential customers, especially if it can be seen from the road. Awnings can help you improve your curb appeal, make your customers comfortable, and promote your brand’s image. Read ahead for more on what to consider when designing your restaurant’s patio .

    Curb Appeal

    The design of your restaurant is one of the first aspects that customers will notice, so you’ll want to impress. If your patio is visible from the street, you will even have the opportunity to impress passersby who might become customers in the future. That’s why you should do your best to make your patio as aesthetically pleasing as possible. An awning can help draw attention to your establishment, and a good one will leave a positive impression.

    Customer Comfort

    If you want your customers to stick around, you should do your best to keep them comfortable. People like sitting on the patio when it’s nice out, but blinding sunlight can become a problem. If your restaurant’s patio gets a lot of sunlight, you might want to consider an awning. This addition can block out some of the sunlight while still allowing your customers to enjoy the outdoors while they eat. This type of investment is especially beneficial for restaurants in regions where the sun shines bright all year long.

    Brand Identity

    You should never miss an opportunity to promote your brand, especially when you’re on your own turf. If you want to display your brand logo on your restaurant’s patio, you can always place it on your awning. The awning installation professionals will make sure it comes out to your liking, and people will know exactly where to find you.

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  • Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Curtains for Your Patio

    Patio covers come in many shapes and sizes, including outdoor curtains. These curtains can drape over your windows, around your patio, or enclose a cabana. Continue reading for some helpful tips when choosing your new outdoor curtains.

    Tip #1: Consider the Sunlight

    Sunlight is probably one of the reasons you are looking for outdoor curtains, so it should be one of the determining factors of what kind of curtains you prefer. If you have intense sunlight entering your cabana throughout the day, then you may prefer outdoor curtains that will block most of the sunlight and heat. However, if you do not have a lot of sunlight, then install sheer curtains to still allow in some light throughout the day. Either way, choose the curtains that will stand up to regular sunlight without damage.

    Tip #2: Determine Your Need

    Consider the reasons that you are looking for outdoor curtains. Are you looking for a decorative installment or a way to block the sun? Perhaps you are attempting to gain some privacy from neighbors or nearby establishments. Your reasons may dictate what type of outdoor curtain installation you choose. If you are interested in curtains for privacy issues, then you may prefer curtains made of a heavier material. These will give you more privacy over a sheer curtain.

    Tip #3: Find the Right Setup

    Look around your property for the right place to set up curtains before purchasing them. The cost and installation process may change depending on where you prefer to set up your curtains. For example, outdoor curtains could fit over your sliding glass door to the patio, or you may wish to enclose your patio with curtains. There are many choices available to you with outdoor curtains.

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  • Selecting the Right Cover for Your Restaurant’s Patio

    Outdoor seating is a terrific feature for any restaurant. When you allow your patrons to dine al fresco, you will provide them with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. As you are planning a new patio installation for your restaurant, you will want to make sure that you pick out the right patio covers for your space . To help you get ready for your new restaurant patio design, here is a look at three different styles of patio covers that you may want to consider.

    Retractable Patio Covers

    When you are shopping for new patio covers for your restaurant, you may want to explore the features that retractable patio covers have to offer you. With a retractable patio cover, you will be able to open and close your cover with the push of a button. Installing a retractable cover will allow you to easily adjust the light and shade on your patio.

    Sun Shade Sails

    If you are seeking a breezy and informal look for your outdoor restaurant patio, sun shade sails may be the right cover for your needs. With sun shade sails, you will have the ability to shade specific areas of your patio space. Your canvas sails can be decorated with special lights and other features.

    Commercial Awnings

    For those restaurant patios that are smaller in size, commercial awnings may be able to provide enough shade and coverage. Your commercial awnings will be installed along the top edge of your restaurant’s windows. Placing a few dining chairs underneath your awnings will allow you provide your patrons with comfort and shade as they dine outdoors.

    To tour an assortment of patio covers near San Diego, be sure to get in contact with Moran Canvas Products. Our company offers patio awnings , sun shade sails, and a variety of other top quality solutions for your restaurant’s outdoor dining space. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to hear more about our great sun protection products.

  • Choosing New Patio Awnings

    Awnings help keep your home cool by blocking unwanted sunlight in the warmer months, and can protect your skin from harmful UV rays and while you enjoy your patio or balcony. These shades shield your rugs and furniture from sun damage and fading and come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

    Retractable awnings allow you to let the sun in when you want it, and to keep it out when you don’t. This type of sun shade installation offers you the benefits of sun protection for your windows without the visible framework. Retractable shades offer optimized convenience for you and your family, allowing you to open or close your awnings with the push of a button.

    Fixed awnings can enhance the exterior design of your home, adding color, architecture, and detail, and also help to cool your home while you are home or away, resulting in a lower energy bill at the end of the month. Moran Canvas Products specializes in high-quality awning manufacturing and will provide you with expert service and installation. If you’re interested in residential awnings or commercial awnings in San Diego, CA, contact us today at (619) 462-7778.

  • Designing a Patio Cover

    Adding a patio to your home is a great way to bring more function to your outdoor space and to potentially increase the value of your home. When adding a patio, it is important to design a patio cover to match the existing style of the home.

    Watch this video for tips on patio cover design and adding a balcony to your home. With just a few simple tips, you can create your own outdoor home improvement project.

    At Moran Canvas Products, we offer patio covers near San Diego, CA in addition to everything from awnings to solar shades to residential patio covers. Learn more by calling (619) 462-7778.

  • Patio Design Inspiration

    When you sit down on your patio to relax, you should feel at peace. One way to make sure you’re comfortable is to check out the patio covers and awnings that you can add to your outdoor space. Adding plants and a water feature are some of the other custom projects that can transform your patio into an outdoor oasis!

    Watch this video to see additional projects you can tackle on your patio to make it more relaxing. Whether you are interested in creating custom patio covers to block out the sun or you want to plant small trees to muffle sounds, there are steps you can take to improve your outdoor living area.

    To find out more about patio cover installation near San Diego, CA, call Moran Canvas Products at (619) 462-7778. We offer a wide selection of patio covers , awnings, sun shade sails, solar shades, and more!