• Tips for Attracting More Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

    Foot traffic makes up a large portion of your store’s client base. If you own or manage a retail shop, you want to make sure that you are drawing in potential customers that happen to be passing by your location. With new awnings and other physical improvements, you can rest assured that your storefront is helping you to promote your business. Here is an overview of some handy tips that will help you to attract more foot traffic to your retail store.

    Update Your Landscaping

    The landscaping in front of your store will be one of the first features that a potential customer notices as they are walking past your business. To encourage more customers through the door, consider investing in new landscaping that is lush, vibrant, and attractive. If you only have concrete surfaces to work with, you can still add landscaping elements with potted plants and hanging flower baskets.

    Create Beautiful Window Displays

    When a customer is thinking about patronizing your store, he or she will typically take a glance at your window displays. Investing your time and energy into creating beautiful window displays will help to drive foot traffic to your business. Be sure to rotate these displays every few months in order to keep your storefront looking fresh and new.

    Invest in Custom Awnings

    A new awning installation can dramatically transform the look of your retail shop. When you design a custom awning, you can create a design that includes your company’s logo and other information. Along with helping to advertise your business, your awning will also provide potential customers with shade and protection from the elements.

    To start designing a new awning installation for your retail shop, contact the team at Moran Canvas Products by calling (619) 462-7778. We build commercial awnings in San Diego, and our team can help you to plan and install a custom awning installation that helps to improve your sales. We will be happy to tell you more about our inventory of awnings and custom shades.

  • Choosing the Size for Your Retail Store Awning

    Awnings are a great way to increase retail business visibility and draw both new and returning customers through your doors. Choosing the right retail store awning means selecting a product in a size and style that suits your business’ image and needs. Your awning should complement your existing signage, so look to the size of your current signs to determine how large an area you want your awning to cover. Additionally, the size of your awning will affect its function—a larger awning offers cover for pedestrians and clients entering and exiting your store, while a smaller design will act as a more decorative addition to your retail store’s façade. You may also need to check local building or property codes to ensure your awning meets any size requirements or restrictions laid out in these documents.

    At Moran Canvas Products, we are pleased to offer commercial awnings in San Diego, CA to add personality, visibility, and functionality to your retail storefront. You can browse our selection of commercial patio covers and awnings when you visit us online, or call (619) 462-7778 for more information or advice to help you choose the best awnings for your property.