• Retractable Awning Maintenance Tips

    Sometimes, it’s nice to feel the sun on your face, but when it gets too hot, all you want is shade. Find the perfect balance with a retractable awning for your backyard patio or deck. Your new awning will dress up the exterior of your home, and you can have it customized to complement the shade of your siding and roof. Retractable awnings are easy to use and maintain. Always follow the care instructions provided by your professional installer.

    Retract the awning in inclement weather.

    Backyard awnings are designed to shield families from the elements while they enjoy the great outdoors. They’re perfect for keeping away the glare of the sun and light sprinkles. However, retractable awnings aren’t built to hold up in severe weather. If the forecast calls for strong wind gusts or moderate to heavy rain, it’s time to retract your awning. If you’re unsure of whether the wind is too strong for your awning, contact the manufacturer and inquire about its resiliency.

    Check for debris on the fabric.

    Before retracting your awning, you should check the top for leaves and twigs. Remove any debris before rolling it up. Additionally, you should only roll up the awning when it’s completely dry. This prevents the formation of mildew. If you must roll up a damp awning because of strong winds, go ahead and do so. After the weather calms down, put the awning back down to let it dry completely.

    Clean the awning regularly.

    Your backyard awning won’t require frequent or intensive cleaning, but it should be hosed off every month or so. Then, let it air dry completely before rolling it back up. You can deep clean the awning about every year or two. Use a broom to brush off all dirt, and hose it down. Then, add some Woolite to a bucket of water (or use the cleaning product recommended by the installer). Scrub the solution into the awning with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse it thoroughly and air dry.

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