• Find Out Where You Can Save Energy at Home

    You can cut your energy costs by installing a patio cover or backyard awnings, which are effective measures for keeping damaging UV rays out of your home. To find even more ways to save, there is a Google Play app called My Power Consumption, which can show you exactly where you are using energy at home.

    My Power Consumption will break down and analyze all of your appliances as they are used by you and other household members. With this information, you can see where you use a lot of energy and where you may be able to cut back your energy usage. My Power Consumption will also give you some tips on how to positively influence your energy usage to lower your bills and contribute to the environment.

    Moran Canvas Products can offer many tips as well, such as installing outdoor curtains, awnings, and residential patio covers near San Diego, CA . Let us help you save more energy every month by calling us at (619) 462-7778.